The Digital collection

The digital collection is a recommended add on to The Print Collection, but can stand by itself if it needs to.

Perfect for anyone who operates mostly online, this package includes:

  • Email Signature
  • Social Profile and Cover Pictures
  • Editable Social Posts
  • Presentation Document with 10 flexible pages

All of your digital branding - in one collection.

Email Signature

We like to think of your email signature as your digital business card. It contains everything people need to know about you - your name, phone numbers, postal address, and whether you have social media.

No one can escape from sending at least one email a day. An eye-catching email signature will act as your digital footprint in email chains. 


Social Profile and Cover Pictures

Your branding needs to be succinct online. Make your company easy to find on social media by branding up your profile picture and cover photo. 


Editable Social Posts

If you follow us on social media you may have seen our pre-designed quotes. We can create something bespoke so that your followers can identify your posts, but also make your feed really visually pleasing. Many people use their branding to give tips and inspiration - which gives people a reason to follow you. 


Presentation Document with 10 flexible pages

Bring your presentations and proposals to life with a branded presentation document. In a XXXX format, you'll be able to edit and change the document exactly to your needs.