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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

Today we’re talking about outsourcing your marketing and why it will benefit your business if you outsource. While you focus on the core strengths of your business, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that a team of experts are taking care of all areas of your marketing, areas that perhaps you don’t know much about or don’t have time to invest in.

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4 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business

This is a guest post by Helena Murphy from The Guide To Growth

So you've done the hard bit and taken the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. 

Things are going well, they're steady and you don't want to rock the boat too much.

But deep down you know you need to keep moving forwards, you need to grow, and if you are impatient {like most entrepreneurs} you want to do it quickly. 

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5 things every successful woman keeps in her handbag.

There’s nothing worse than digging into the bottom of your bag trying to find something you need – particularly when you’re out and about. Emptying the entire contents of your bag on a busy tube or when trying to pay for something can be extremely frustrating. A key to being successful is being organised. Which is why here at Sassy Digital we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things every successful woman keeps in her handbag.

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