24. Easy ways for start-ups and small businesses to improve their social media with Katie Leeson of The Social Chain

Are you struggling to keep ahead of the curve with social media? Feel like you can't compete with the big brands? or just generally feeling demotivated? This week I'm joined by Katie Leeson, Managing Director of Social Chain, a global social media marketing agency with high-profile clients including SuperDry, Spotify, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox and Just Eat, to name just a few. Katie and I both share the same area of interest so in this episode we are sharing some top tips that will help small brands think BIG in terms of their social media marketing.

Katy has also been on her own inspiring journey since discovering she suffers from imposter syndrome and now shares the inner secrets of a woman in a predominately male role online which has lead to her growing a social following who nominated her for the Women Role models list of 2019 which is a list of high achieving women who are breaking down barriers at work and clearing the path to success for fellow women.

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