The Winging It Podcast: Episode 10 - Why it’s hard to be a start-up…the honest, gritty truth about running a small business - with the Squirrel Sisters

In this episode I'm talking to Gracie and Sophie Tyrell, also known as the Squirrel Sisters! The sisters have a range of award-winning healthy snacks that are available across the nation. Now it’s always been my intent to provide an honest view of what it’s like to start your own business, and Sophie and Gracie were very keen to come on and share their experiences.

They’ve been through it all – from the struggles of trying to get stocked on the shelves of major retailers to struggling as a founders because they’re women.

This week there’s going to be no holding back as they discuss what it’s really like to run a start-up and how to deal with each and every situation that comes your way as a founder.

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