Home working tips for Solopreneurs and Homepreneurs - and we were featured in The Sunday Telegraph!

Lucy Hitchcock Sassy Digital

Written by Lucy Hitchcock, Founder Sassy Digital

I rarely come onto the Sassy Digital blog to mark achievements, but I do have something very exciting to share this week! On Sunday (10th February 2019) we were featured in The Sunday Telegraph.

I was asked by our co-working space, Barclays Eagle Labs, if we would be happy to take part in their PR campaign which obviously we jumped at the chance to help! After initially chatting about it last October, the campaign finally kicked off last week and I was asked all about my experiences with working from home.

For those who don’t know the story of Sassy Digital, when I first started, I was working from my parents house and then when I moved in with my other half who also works from home, I made the decision that my work and home life should be separated for the sake of my productivity. Which is when I moved into Eagle Labs.

Although I never really experienced much loneliness while working alone, I do find social relief in working at a co-working space. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people. If you can’t afford to work from a co-working space, which let’s face it, the first few years of business you must count your pennies…I have found real benefit in using Facebook groups. I’m a member of The Coven which is full of fellow female entrepreneurs, but there are plenty of support groups available like Discovher and Southwood Social Hub.

If you want to read the full article I have linked it for you below. Happy reading!