5 Reasons to Build Your Business' Website on Squarespace


At Sassy Digital, we use Squarespace to build all of our client’s websites. They’re easy to edit, look super nice and if you know what you’re doing you can create something professional looking in less than a day. So here’s 5 reasons to build your business’ website on Squarespace:

1.Squarespace makes it super easy to edit your website

Let’s be real - as a small business or a blogger, you probably don’t have the budget to pay someone to update your website every time you need to make a text edit or change a picture. Most agencies charge by the hour, and when budget is tight - it’s just not possible to fork out every time you need a blog post uploading. All you have to do to edit text is click on it, and images simple need to be clicked on, and replaced.

2. They have an extensive help library of tutorials

We’re not all technically savvy, I’ve learnt that this is why some of clients prefer to have someone else build their Squarespace site for them. The good news is that once your website is built (or indeed if you’re building your own website on Squarespace) they have a massively extensive library of free tutorials to help you build a site you’re proud of. Everything from how to edit text, all the way to changing your design features, SEO tips and more. If this wasn’t enough - they have a free live chat which means that someone can always help you do what you need to do if you get stuck or can’t find the answer yourself.

3. Their designs are gorgeous and minimal

Squarespace has tonnes of gorgeous templates. People opt for Squarespace due to it’s stylish, designed and minimalistic looking templates. But there’s so much more possible than you could ever think if you let someone else design your site for you! If you’d prefer to build it yourself, the flexibility in design that you get as opposed to another website builder like Squarespace means your website will look like a professional has designed and built it for you, even if you’ve learnt how to use it yourself.

4. It won’t affect your SEO score

We have built so many Squarespace sites and we haven’t once had a problem with SEO. In fact, our clients have even reported their SEO being better than ever with their new Squarespace site. As long as you know what you’re doing that is. Check out Squarespace’s tip for SEO, and also check out our library of SEO tips for your website.

5. Setting up an e-commerce site on Squarespace is easy

Making passive income has never been easier. Squarespace commerce allows you to upload and sell physical, digital and subscription products. You can share products straight to social media, connect them to your Facebook account for Instagram product tags as well as easily keep track of your inventory and sales on the go with their Commerce app.

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