The Winging It Podcast - S1 Ep 1: From unemployed to self-employed: my business journey.

You may remember earlier this year (if you’re following along on Instagram) that I am launching a podcast! Due to being super busy with Sassy Digital, I’ve only just been able to publish the first episode…better late than never though…right?!

In this first episode I’m detailing exactly how I started my career, and then finally made the leap from employed to unemployed, back to employed and then finally made the leap self employed and started my own business (bare with me on this one - I’m sure you’ll find the story of my redundancy in my first job absolutely riveting!)

I haven’t gone into too much details in some aspects of my early career because I don’t want to get into trouble…sadly this also means I haven’t included some offensive and hilarious stories including the time my boss fired a highlighter pen across the room as us for printing something while they were on the phone. Oops, that one just slipped out.

So Why Winging It?

I want to show you how to build, maintain and totally own a career that you love! Whether we're chasing our dream career, or running our own thing there's one thing we all have in common - we feel like we've got no clue what we're doing. How could someone make me a manager? Am I qualified enough to run my own business? How can I bag that dream job I've always been after? Am I ready to take a leap of faith and quit my 9 to 5? And one of the biggest questions of all - 'do I have what it takes to do what I love and make money from it?'

The Winging It Podcast is all about taking that imposter syndrome, grasping your success with both hands and running with it. Success means different things to everyone, and after quitting my corporate agency marketing Job in 2015 I finally found my meaning of success. No it wasn't getting my first customers and having money in the bank, but turning up to my desk at 9am everyday to a job that I LOVE and that I thrive at (even though half of the time, I do feel like I'm Winging It).

The Winging It Podcast is here for business babes and savvy career women to help you learn how to build, maintain and totally own a career that you love with a heavy emphasis on prioritising your own wellness to live your happiest life. I've got some incredible business owners and career babes lined up to share their expertise and business stories with you for some helpful tips along the way!

Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed it please don’t forget to leave me a review!

With wishes for success,

Lucy x

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