What Should I Blog About For My Business?


Blogging for your business is something you know you should do regularly, but when it comes down to it, it gets pushed to the bottom of the list just like your own marketing or social media. One of the main things we at Sassy Digital find businesses struggle with when it comes to blogging is 'what should I blog about for my business?'

It's not so much the thought of blogging, but it's deciding on a topic, writing a compelling narrative that will interest people, all the while thinking about your SEO. After all, a blog is supposed to not only be a place people come for information, but if done right it should boost your website traffic and increase your business.

In this post we're going to show you just how easy it is to blog for your business, think of new topics and we've even included a blogging checklist at the end so that you can make sure your posts are the best they can be!

1. Choosing your topic

When we think of blogging, most people try to pick a topic that is in the news and is relevant to their business. The reason for this is essentially to boost your SEO. But think about this: why would people visit your blog over reading larger news websites and industry expert websites?

When picking a topic for a blog post, we would always suggest picking a topic you think people will Google for help, or for us, we always write about things that our clients ask us or are struggling with.

e.g. What should I blog about for my business?

The reason for this is that if you clients/customers are asking you questions or having trouble with something, chances are that other people are also suffering too!

Think about who you are targeting, and how can you help answer their questions in a post which leaves them wanting more.

2. Layout

Another thing to consider when writing a blog for your business, is how it looks. Think about the way that people read things on a page. Break up the text so that your reader doesn't get bored - this could be with headings, quotes, videos and images.

If you need help with this, go and have a look at the way that magazines, news websites and other blogs layout their content. Then go and put your own spin on it!

3. SEO

One of the biggest benefits for your business when blogging, apart from being seen as an industry expert in your field, is that it will boost your SEO. The more you update your website, the better your credibility score will be with Google.

You'll need to take SEO into consideration when writing and laying out your posts. For tips of the fundamentals of blogging for SEO, read our post 'how to layout your blogs for SEO'.

Blogging checklist

1. Title - does it make the content sound interesting or have you written it for SEO purposes?

2. Keywords - is your post sprinkled with relevant keywords?

3. Images - do you have good pictures to support your topic and have you optimised your image files for SEO?

4. Topic - is your topic compelling? Does it make readers want to read your post more than another industry professional?

Top tip for keeping on top of your blogging:

“Keep a spreadsheet of blog topics so that when you think of something interesting to write about you have it written down and ready to write. Note down what date each post is going live so that you can plan ahead for seasonal posts, and other ideas like interviews and guest posts.”

— Lucy Hitchcock, Founder and CEO Sassy Digital