3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Newsletter Sign Ups


All businesses online want to get your email address. And there's a good reason for it - it allows businesses to target their consumers directly. But how can you boost your newsletters and mailing list sign ups? Here's our 3 easy tips to boost your newsletter sign ups

What would you do if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. weren't there tomorrow?

Having a mailing list is a brilliant way to reach customers who actually want to hear from you. When people opt in to your mailing list, they are saying

"Hey, I'm here, I want to hear from you/want information on your products/need your advice"

So, here are 3 ways you can boost your mailing list and up your game straight away:

1. Set up a sign up form on your website

On most websites, you'll be able to sign up to some kind of mailing list. But what are you more likely to sign up to...a form that just asks you to sign up to 'receive our latest news' OR a form that offers you 'A 10% discount on your first order' or 'Get a freebie when you sign up' ?

Some think that offering freebees or offers can cheapen their brand or product. Actually, we believe the opposite. Offering people something makes them feel valued as a customer and will keep them coming back! 

2. Plan your newsletters based on what your subscribers want to hear

We always plan our newsletter content based on what questions our clients ask us, which means that our other subscribers will probably have similar problems and queries. We also ask people what advice they want to hear, so why not use your emails/social media to ask your followers and customers what they want?

This is the same advice we give for social content, but our key rule is make sure that you're offering content that is at least one of the following: informative, emotive, or interesting - that way you're more likely to boost engagement.

3. Always include a call to action

What's the point of sending a newsletter if you're not gaining anything from it?

You should email with purpose. Maybe you're looking to promote a new product? Perhaps you want to direct people to a new blog post? Or maybe, like us, you're looking to impart your expertise with the idea that your subscribers will one day pay you to help.

If you need anymore help with emailers, be sure to drop us an email! We've just designed some fun emailers for a few different clients that we'd love to show you!

And as always please feel free to email/Instagram message me with any questions you have. I'd love to hear from you @lucyhitchcock_