3 Ways Beauty Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Bookings


At Sassy Digital we have helped many beauty businesses with their online marketing over the years. From building websites, to running social media and newsletters we’ve seen it all – and we like to think we know a bit about marketing your beauty business online.

Our clients not only reported higher booking rates offline when we started working with them, they also reported higher booking rates online!

So today we’re going to share our tip 3 tips to help you market your services based beauty business online…and we’re even giving you a selection of 3 photoshop templates to promote yourself of social media - totally for free!

1.     Make sure you’re offering online bookings


Never underestimate the power of an online booking. Unfortunately we live in a pretty anti social world nowadays, where we would rather book or pay for pretty much anything online than speak to someone on the phone.

To encourage bookings, make sure you’re signed up to a booking system or software. Most hairdressing salons sign up to a software from the beginning but if you’re freelancing or just starting out, Schedul is a great choice.

Not only does it allow you to create staff members, various different treatments, but it also allows you to embed code into your website for your clients to book straight away – yes without having to speak to you on the phone! Schedul can also be used from a computer so you won’t have to buy an expensive till system if you don’t have the budget.

2.     Start your mailing list as soon as possible


A monthly newsletter for small businesses is more than achievable. Our clients who’s newsletters we send, reported a pick up in bookings directly from their newsletter. If you’re on social media, you’ll probably be aware that due to algorithms your posts may not get seen by a large percentage of your followers – especially if you have a business account. This is partially due to the fact social media sites want to make money from businesses in exchange for getting their content seen by more people. Newsletters however are a brilliant way to reach your customers directly. The difference being that they have specifically asked to be signed up!

Newsletters are a great way to let you clients know about new services, remind them it’s time for their weekly blow dry, or perhaps to send them a special birthday discount on their next massage. The possibilities are endless with newsletters.

On average we expect our beauty clients to get 100% increase on newsletter subs per month.

So how can you get clients to sign up?

  • Offer a discount/freebee when people sign up – never underestimate the power of a freebee or discount!

  • Encourage sign ups in salon when people are paying using Mailchimp sign up forms

  • Use a website pop-up to get people to sign up to your mailing list. This works extremely well when combined with an online booking system. We use Squarespace to encourage sign ups with their pop-up feature.

3.     Use your social media to promote last minute appointments


Posts or stories to promote last minute appointments and daily special offers will encourage online bookings. Just make sure you have your book online link in your bio (Instagram) or in the post (Facebook/Twitter)

We’d also recommend posting about job openings to encourage applications in what we know is a hugely competitive industry! Add some humour in by posting funny quotes. There are hundreds of beauty quotes out there. When posting graphics just make sure you stay on brand by using your brand colours and fonts.

Our Newsletter management packages start from £200 for bespoke design, and from £200 per month for management.

If you’d like to talk to us about your website, prices start from £850 for a 5 page site. Take a look at some of our recent work!

Please feel free to get in touch with me - Lucy Hitchcock, founder of Sassy Digital - for any questions you have on the above or if you'd like to talk about working together!

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