Why You Need To Stop Skipping Your Lunch Break!


It’s very common these days for people to slip into a bad habit of being skipping their lunch breaks in order order to cram in more work. When this becomes a habit in a workplace, everyone seems to start feeling guilty or like they’re not working hard enough if they do take their full (well deserved) lunch break. 

Although it may not seem like it at the time, taking a break from work does wonders for our productivity. Those who take a break at work have much more energy and motivation when they return back to work. Creativity is also stifled then you’re sat in the same place, all day every day, doing the same thing! Switching environments and taking some time out to recharge will refuel your creativity and innovation so you can come back and SMASH your work.

Opting to eat your lunch at your desk in order to squeeze in the extra hour of work is also a big NO NO! You may feel like you’re doing your boss a favour and are being a good employee by working this extra time but think about it… not only is this hindering your productivity, but you’re not being paid for it! If your boss came up to you and said you’re not going to be paid for the next 2 weeks, what would you do? Probably either quit or have a serious word with HR! But by skipping your lunch breaks, this is essentially what you’re doing, working for free!

If you're guilty of skipping your lunch breaks, whether it’s to finish your work, get home quicker or to please your boss, it’s not doing you or your work any good. Here are 5 ways to spend your lunch break which will boost your productivity and believe it or not, keep you and your boss a lot happier!

1. Eat a nutritious lunch

It’s probably no surprise to you that a healthy, nutritious lunch can massively boost your productivity. It will help you refocus and give you a well needed energy boost to finish your afternoon at work. If you’re skipping lunch or opting for a cereal bar at your desk, you’re not getting these well needed nutrients which will result in you feeling sluggish and tired.

Fish, nuts, fruit and veggies are all great brain food! We’ve wrote a whole other blog post on eating habits at work that can boost your productivity, which you can read here.

2. Avoid the screen!

Whist its very easy to pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram for your whole lunch break, this is really doing nothing for you, especially if your job involves staring at a laptop all day! Spending too much time looking at a screen can leave your eyes feeling dry and out of focus, result in headaches and fatigue and even cause neck and back pain! Instead, opt for a brisk walk (the fresh air will do you good) or catch up on your favourite book! If you think the temptation will get too much, leave your phone in the office!

3. Forget about work

We get it, completely switching off from the stress from work is hard but believe us, it’s necessary. Try to forget about what you’ve got to do when you go back into the office, worrying about work won't allow you to fully relax and recharge.  A great way totally switch of and forget about work is calling a friend (not a colleague) to talk about anything else other than work. Although this may sound like the perfect opportunity for you to vent about your work or co-workers, try to avoid this too. You don’t want any of your work worries to enter your mind while you’re on your lunch break. This is time for you to clear your mind and recharge your batteries, not get yourself even more worked up!

4. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular within the workplace. The benefits of practicing mindfulness at work are endless - it can reduce stress, anxiety, conflict, improve communication in the workplace and boost your productivity levels and overall mood! Your lunch break is the perfect time for you to practice mindfulness. Not only will it help you to switch off from work but it will ensure you feel well rested and therefore help you tackle the rest of the working day full of energy and life! Read our previous blog post for 3 ways you can be more mindful at work.

How do you spend your lunch breaks? Comment below! 

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