4 New Instagram Features That Can Help Grow Your Business!


This past couple of months, Instagram have been on a ROLL, bringing out lots of exciting new features and we're very happy about it! 

When it comes to using Instagram to market your business, it’s not always easy to 1) keep up with all the latest updates and features and 2) know how to use them to benefit your business!

So, we’re sharing with you 4 of the newest features brought to the Instagram world, and how you can use them to your advantage!


We’ve wrote a whole other blog post on the new IGTV feature which you can read here. But in short, this new feature allows anyone to create and share video content, straight from your IPhone! It's a bit like Youtube but the videos are vertical and there’s no need for fancy lighting and camera equipment!

This provides brands with the opportunity to get involved with video creation as a way to market their product or service. With the popularity of video content growing by the day, brands getting on board with IGTV will allow them to be discovered by new customers and build stronger connections with existing customers!

2. Video Call

You can now video call your followers! Like Facetime, this new feature allows you to communicate directly with your followers, through the Instagram app. While this feature was originally designed to bring friends closer together, it is a great way for service-led businesses to check in with their clients or give sessions/mentoring/advice.

3. Add a soundtrack to your stories!

Instagram has launched a new ‘music sticker’ which allows you to add music to your Instagram stories. This means, brands can now choose from thousands of tracks to fit the mood of the story and show off the personality of their brand! Obviously if your business was music related this is going to be the greatest feature of the century, BUT even if you’re not, it is a great way to make your stories more appealing, catch the attention of your audience and show off another side to your brands personality!

4. ‘Ask me a question’ sticker

This one is a GAME CHANGER! This new feature allows users to post an “Ask me a question sticker” in which their followers can type out a question for you to answer on your Instagram stories. For businesses, this is essentially an opportunity for you to ask your audience exactly what they want from you, what they’re most interested in, what they think can be improved etc etc. Don’t know what you should post to IGTV? Ask your followers! Don’t know whether to bring out a new product? Ask your followers! This really is a great way to grow your community and gain rich information on your customers wants and needs!

All of the above are super easy to implement into your marketing strategy and will be sure to grow your audience, build stronger relationships and inject some more personality into your profile!

Let us know how you get on or if you have any more questions about your Instagram strategy - @lucyhitchcock_@sassydigital