How To Wing It At Work When You Don't Really Know What You're Doing


At work, we all want to impress. We want to prove that we’re capable of the job and show both our colleagues and boss what we’re made of! Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds when you feel like you don't know what you're doing...

Being unsure of what you’re meant to be doing at work can feel very daunting and intimidating. Whether you’ve been thrown into an unfamiliar situation last minute or you’re starting a new job, it’s not a nice feeling.

But, this feeling is very common, and we all go through it! So, instead of going into panic mode, we’re sharing our top tips so that you can remain calm and appear confident (even if you feel the opposite!)

1. Fake it till you make it!

This is one of my all time favourite sayings and something I lived by when searching for my first job. This isn’t about totally lying in your job and claiming skills you simply don’t have (as that won’t get you anywhere). But, it’s more about being positive and confident within yourself. If you’re asked to do something, say YES and figure out how to do it later! Using initiative and trying to work out how to do something on your own is much more impressive than automatically assuming you’re not capable before you even try. If, once you’ve had a go at it yourself, you need more guidance, then ask!

Just be wary to not waste too much time trying to work everything out by yourself, which leads me on to my second point…

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Although showing initiative and trying to work out new challenges by yourself will be sure to impress your boss, it’s not always possible and sometimes all you need to do is ask the question! Especially when you’re in a new job or a new situation, there really is no harm in asking questions - you’re not expected to know everything! Asking general questions is also a great way to prove to your employer that your interested and keen to learn!

3. Write things down

There’s nothing worse than someone spending hours explaining something and the person isn’t making any notes and then has to ask the same question half an hour later!

Your brain can only take in so much information at one time, so make a habit of taking notes every day. Whether it’s when you’re being taught something new or simply overheard a bit of information that you think might help you in your job role in the future, don’t hesitate to make a little note of it. Your future self will thank you!

4. Give yourself a pep talk!

When people don’t know what they’re doing at work, it’s easy to feel like a failure and your confidence can take a real knock. Sometimes all you need is to take some time out, gather your thoughts and remind yourself that you’re not expected to know everything and it’s ok to be unsure. Allowing yourself to become overwhelmed and stressed out at work will only result in a negative spiral. Just keep positive, remember that you are great, take a breath and then go back out and smash it! You got this!

For more tips on how to wing daily life,  keep your eyes peeled for our new Podcast ‘Winging It’ which is coming soon!

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