5 Font Combinations For Your Squarespace Website


Typography is a crucial part of your branding and website design. It is all well and good having amazing images and great content, but if your typography on your website is not on point, it can easily put a visitor off your site.

When it comes to choosing fonts for your website, it’s not just about picking a random font that you like the look of. Your font should reflect your brands personality, be easy to read and attract the kind of client you want. After all, apart from the imagery, the rest of your site is made up of text, so it can’t be slacking!

It’s also better to have 2 fonts that are harmonious with one another as opposed to one font for the whole text of your website. The font colour, sizing and spacing between the lines is also all super important when when designing your website or branding.

If you’re struggling to choose a font for your website, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together 5 sassy font combinations that you can use for your Squarespace website which are all free! (Hurray!)


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