Our Top Tips For Writing More Engaging Captions!


Ever get that dreaded feeling when it comes to writing a caption for your Instagram post?… Yeah, us too.

Trying to come up with a caption that’s either informative, witty or catchy is HARD WORK. But, captions are super important when it comes to engaging your audience. A catchy caption can be that one thing that pushes your audience to like/comment or even purchase your product or service!

So, we’re sharing our top tips for writing catchy, engaging captions so you can start reaping the benefits Instagram has to offer businesses!

1. Include a call to action

It may sound strange, but believe me when I say, people like being told what to do next. People need that extra little push for them to actually do what you want them to. Think about it, how often have you gone and purchased a product promoted on social media without them actually telling you to "BUY NOW" or "CLICK THE LINK BELOW"?… my guess is not often!

So, try to include different types of call to actions in your social media posts to entice your audience to take action! Examples of call to actions include:

  • Encouraging users to tag their friends

  • Encouraging users to comment/like/share

  • Click the link in bio

  • Head over to our website/blog

  • Ask a question to encourage a response in the comments

Be sure to switch them up and avoid using the same call to action in every single post (this will get boring and won't grab your audience's attention).

2. Use a consistent brand voice

Whether it’s witty, serious, informative or helpful...having a clear, consistent brand voice is crucial for a successful caption! Your Instagram captions should sound and feel like the rest of your marketing channels. This will help your audience feel closer to you as a brand, and will therefore be much more likely to engage with your posts. Consistency is key people!

3. Give the reader something to respond to

If you’re trying to increase engagement, this one is a must! Writing a mundane caption such as ‘new bikini line now available, click link to buy’ will not boost your engagement. This sort of caption gives your audience nothing to comment on, unless they want to comment how they like the image...and that's unlikely. Instead, try to make conversation with your audience by creating a relatable of funny caption (if that matches your brand voice). For example, ‘Anyone else suffering a serious bikini addiction this Summer!?...We’re crushing on this new gold bikini, Tag a BFF who NEEDS this in their life!’. The difference here is that not only can people relate to the ‘bikini addiction’ and comment something relating to this, but it is also encouraging them to tag a friend. By writing captions as though you are talking to your audience and giving them something to respond to will help your following and engagement naturally grow! Give it a try!

4. Schedule in advance!

Last but most certainly not least, a top tip for nailing your Instagram captions is to schedule your posts in advance! We’ve wrote a whole other blog post on the benefits scheduling your posts you can read here. But in short, planning ahead of time will allow you to come up with a captivating, creative captions, rather than panicking and posting any old thing, just to post something!

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