5 Ways To Organise Your Life Today!


There’s no better feeling than everything being in its place and all your tasks being under control. But let’s face it, life can be hectic and keeping everything organised can often feel like an impossible task.

When you’re in one of these ‘hectic states’, getting organised just seems like an added task to your ongoing list! But, taking a few simple steps to organising things makes life a whole lot easier in the long run.

Planning ahead, being prepared and organising your life is crucial for success and productivity, whether that’s in your work life, home life or anything in between! So, here are 5 tips to get you on your way to organising your life:

1. Write EVERYTHING down!

This is one of the most useful tips in clearing your mind and helping you feel more organised. By relying on your memory you don’t only run the risk of forgetting important information, but it can make your mind go into overload. Writing everything down such as your ideas, to do list or important dates helps your brain to unload some baggage which gives it room to think about and focus on other things.

Avoid writing on random scraps of paper that will get lost, this is just another thing you have to remember! Write it somewhere where you know you can completely forget about it and come back to later such as a diary or somewhere on your laptop. We use ‘OneNote’ for our daily to do lists and tick them off as we go!

2. Have regular clean outs

Setting aside one hour every day or every week to have a ‘clean out’ is a great way to be more organised. Whether this is cleaning out your email inbox, your office desk or your bedroom, having everything back in its place will declutter your mind and help you refocus and become more productive.

For tips on organising your inbox, you can read our previous post on ‘How To Take Control Of Your Inbox’  

3. Set reminders

It’s all well and good having everything written down, but when you’re engrossed in a task, time can fly by and before you know it it’s the end of the day and you still have 5 tasks left on your to do list. Setting reminders on your phone will ensure you’re not spending too much time on one task, and not enough on another.

4. Prepare, DON’T Procrastinate!

Learning to prepare in advance and prioritise tasks is crucial for organisation. If you know you have an important deadline looming, make sure this is in your to do list well in advance so you can ensure it’s done on time and not left until the last minute. If you know something has to be done in 2 weeks, there is no harm on working on it straight away so it doesn't keep getting pushed further and further down your to do list. The longer you wait to do something, the more you will want to put it off. So, as soon as you receive a new task try to make it a habit to tackle it straight away!

5. Upgrade your tools

Is there anything better than fresh new stationary? Believe me when I say, being organised is x10 harder if you don’t have the appropriate tools to help you out. Planners, notebooks, calendars etc will all make maintaining an organised life a whole lot easier and also… makes it a lot more fun!

There’s also tons of amazing organisational apps which make being organised a walk in the park. Some of our favourites are Evernote, Asana and Trello, but do your research and find an app that suits you and your needs best!

What are your top tips for staying organised? Comment them below, we’d love to hear them. If you have any questions, pop me a DM! - @lucyhitchcock_@sassydigital