3 Photo Editing Apps To Get The "Vintage Look"


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a lot of the vintage/90’s theme photos floating around on social media. Our IPhone camera quality is getting better by the day and we're choosing to add grainy/dusty effects, random light leaks and other imperfections to our filters to our photos... Weird, I know!

Anyway... The vintage look is the newest millennial trend and to be honest, we’re all for it! Whether you want a subtle vintage touch or a full blown 90’s retro photo, we’re here to share with you our 3 favourite apps that will get you the old school look! 


HUJI CAM is all the rage at the moment. This clever app replicates the kind of photos you’d get with a disposable camera to give you that old school 90’s look that the whole of Instagram seems to be going crazy for at the moment!

Like a real disposable camera, the effect on the images vary with every photo you take. You do however, have control over certain factors like whether or not you want a light leak or the date in the bottom hand corner to be visible. The app is free (Hooray!) but with the free version you do have to actually take the photos in the app (again, like a real disposable camera). However, you can opt for a small charge of £0.99 which will get you the extended version, so you can import you already taken photos into the app. Below is a before an after using HUJI. 






Afterlight is an old favourite of ours and an app that we use on the regular. What a lot of people don’t know is that afterlight is great for achieving the ‘light leak’ and the ‘dusty effect’, both of which are becoming increasingly popular on the gram! There are tons of other cool effects in the app but these are the 2 that stand out to us and are the most “old school”. Plus the app is free which is always good news.






Light Leak

3. VSCO 

Lastly is the trusty VSCO, the app you NEED if you want to build an aesthetic to your Instagram feed. Filled with beautiful filters and tons of editing options, this app is a great all in one. The app is free but you can purchase an upgraded version which gives you access to a LOT more (and better!) filters - we’d really recommend this if you’re a regular Instagrammer and want to improve the look of your images/feed.

Going back to achieving the vintage look, there are lots of ways you could achieve this in VSCO. You can use filters alone or adjust the settings/grain. We’ve edited the photo below using the following settings:

Filter: J6 +12.0

Exposure: -1.0

Saturation: +3

Temperature: -1.2

Grain: +6





So there we have it, our top 3 apps for achieving the old school look on your photos. Comment below what you think of the new vintage trend or any other app recommendations you have for getting the look!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to DM me - @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital