3 Reasons To Start An Email List Today!


Here at Sassy Digital, we’re pretty big fans of email marketing and designing amazing newsletters for our clients. Newsletters are a great way to drive traffic to your blog/website and create an immediate, direct line of communication between you and your customers!

If you’re on the fence about email marketing, think about this… how many people do you know who 1) have an email address and 2) check their emails every day?... My guess is that the answer is almost everybody you know, right? With this in mind, you’d be crazy not to use email marketing to your advantage.

If you're unconvinced or struggling to see the importance of email marketing, keep reading for 3 reasons you need to start an email list TODAY!

1. You own your mailing list

Ok, so you’ve probably got followers on your social media profiles and people who read your blog posts. Although this is great for promoting your product, how do you know these people are really interested/ have the intention to purchase? This is one of the reasons why an email list is so important for small businesses. Building an email list is building up a community of people who have opted in to receive your emails because they have a genuine interest in your product and want to receive information and special offers! Building a strong mailing list means you have a list of interested people just waiting for your emails and waiting to buy your products!

Creating a mailing list and utilising email marketing has become even more valuable since the latest GDPR regulations. As part of the new GDPR regulations, businesses have to ask their mailing list to ‘ re opt in’ and confirm if they still wish to receive your emails. To some, this as seen as a negative but we see it as a good thing! Why? Because It’s narrowing down your mailing list to those really valuable people who REALLY care and are interested in what you have to offer which will make your email marketing efforts that bit more effective!

2. You have an instant line of communication to your community

One of the biggest benefits to a mailing list is that you have an instant line of communication to the people who care about the product or service that you are offering. We all know that trying to sell a product or service to the masses is a challenge, and this is why building up a strong mailing list and sending out targeted emails to those people who know who you are and what you offer is so important. For tips on engaging your mailing list and stopping them from unsubscribing click here. 

3. More subscribers will lead to more sales!

Our final reason you should start building your mailing list today is that, subscribers=sales! The earlier you start, the quicker you will have a solid, loyal mailing list and the more you have on the mailing list the more sales you are likely to generate! This is because, as mentioned above, you’re targeting people who have a genuine interest but also, email marketing allows you to be a lot more personal than other forms of marketing… and people love the personal touch! If you aim to spend more time adding that personal touch to your emails by serving your audience with content they want to receive (eg free tips/downloads, inspo, links to blog posts you think they’ll be interested in) they will be much more likely to purchase from you when it comes down to it.

So there we have it! 3 reasons to start your mailing list today (if you haven’t already). If need any advice on gaining subscribers or creating newsletters your subscribers will love, we offer Email Marketing Services at Sassy Digital!

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