How To Banish Negative Thoughts And Think More Positive!


We’ve all experienced it… those negative thoughts that you just can’t budge, drain you of energy and affect your productivity & mood! Turning these negative thoughts into positive ones isn’t easy, but it is necessary if you want to remain productive and happy!

Below are 5 things you can do to switch up your mindset and start seeing the glass as 'half full' rather than 'half empty'!

1. Change your body language

Believe it or not… your body language can really affect your mood and how you think. Negative body language can lead to a lack of self confidence/self esteem which can often understandably, lead to negative thoughts! So, If you’re having a bad day and feel your mind is overflowing with negative thoughts, take a minute to observe your body language. Are you slouching or frowning? Stop! Sit up, lift your chin and smile - it’s amazing what this can do to relieve your stress and change your mindset. Give it a go!

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Although easier said than done, avoiding those negative people in your life that put you down or make you worry/stress out is a great way to have a clearer, more positive mind. If you’ve got that one friend/family member that always dampens your mood… avoid them. Surrounding yourself with positive minded people, who can listen to your issues and give you great, supportive feedback rather than escalating the issue and making you worry more are the type of people we all need around us! Which leads me on to my next point...

3. Talk!

Quite often, negative thoughts occur and fill up our minds because of things we need to get off our chest. It’s natural for people to over think and quite often we are our own worst enemy and make a situation appear 10x worse than it actually is. Bottling things up won’t do you any good, talking to someone will help  you to put the situation in to perspective and realise that actually… things aren’t that bad.

4. Clear your mind - write it down!

When your mind is running wild with all of life's stresses , it can be hard to control your thoughts - especially the negative ones! Take a minute to breath, relax and write down everything that’s filling up your mind - your to do list, issues you need to resolve or even small things that are worrying you. Writing everything down will essentially ‘empty’ your mind, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time and fill your mind with things a bit more positive!

5. Write down everything you are grateful for

Another way that a pen & paper comes in handy when busting those negative thoughts! When you’re feeling especially ‘negative’, taking some time out every day, to write down everything in life that you are grateful for is a great way to change your mindset. Sometimes day to day life can make us lose focus of all the blessings we have in life. Writing down all the things you are grateful for, will remind and retrain your mind to focus more on the good than the bad!