5 Tips For Nailing Your Instagram Captions


So we all know the power of Instagram and what it can do for a brand. Yes creating amazing, eye catching images is the main focus of nailing the art of Instagram - but are you aware of the importance of captions?

With around 800 million active users, you have a lot of competition when it comes to standing out on Instagram. The images you post say a lot about your brand and are undoubtedly what will catch the attention of those swiftly scrolling through their feed. However, you Instagram captions can often be what convert people from just looking to actually liking or engaging with the post.

Creating a funny, witty, relatable caption will not only make you appear more down to earth and help build a strong relationship with your followers, but people often appreciate the humour and give it a like purely for that reason! It also helps explain the context of a photo, enables you to insert a call to action to drive more engagement and with the use of hashtags/location tags etc, ensures your post will be seen!

So how do you create the perfect Instagram caption?

We all know that coming up with great captions can be REALLY hard. To help you create captions as good as your photos, we’re listing our top 5 tips below: 

1. Add a call to action

If you are a business using Instagram, odds are you’re doing it for a reason. There’s many reasons why businesses use instagram but whether it’s to build brand awareness or drive traffic to your website - you need to include a call to action if you want your audience to do something.

This doesn’t have to be in every single post (as this can get annoying) but If you don’t insert a call to action now and again, you run the risk of losing engagement. Simple call to actions include asking them to click the link in your bio, share your post, comment, tag a friend or even by a product... if you don’t ask, they most likely won’t do it!

2. Use Emojis

Using emojis within your captions is a great way to catch peoples eye, inject some humour in to your post and add some personality to your caption. People tend to be much more attracted to and likely to read and engage with a caption if it has an emoji. Reports suggest that a simple emoji will improve engagement and help businesses to appear more friendly and approachable.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to become more discoverable by new followers, boost your following, spark engagement and grow your reach! Ensure you are being strategic with your hashtags, make sure they are relevant and not too common as this won’t help your post gain visibility. If you’re unsure on how to hashtag effectively, read our blog posts on 'Common Hashtag mistakes you should be avoiding'and ‘Everything you need to know about the new hashtag rules’!  

4. Keep your brand voice consistent

When it comes to captions, this is your chance as a business to show off your personality as a company. Whether it’s funny, serious, helpful or trendy keeping your brand voice consistent is key to building strong relationships with your audience.

5. Ask questions

One of the best ways to engage your audience it to ask a question. By asking a question in your caption you are prompting a response which will lead to more engagement on your post. They’re also a great way to gain real feedback, understand what it is your audience want and build relationships.

Coming up with good Instagram captions can be challenging but it’s essential if you don't want to lose out on some of the amazing benefits Instagram can bring to your business!

Whatever your goals are, believe me when i say that nailing your captions on Instagram can be a total game changer. Follow these tips and give it a try, don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

If you have any more questions on the do’s and don’ts of hashtagging or Instagram in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch! - @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital