5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Pinterest


Pinterest is social network which allows users to share visual images and discover new interests by ‘pinning’ images/videos to their own boards. It sort of works like a photo album or mood board - each ‘board’ generally having the same theme/aesthetic.

Besides becoming the go to place for fashion/decor/travel inspo, Pinterest has become a powerful marketing tool that your small business should be leveraging right now! Think about it, users are revealing not only their taste but what products and services they are interested in buying! - it’s a true marketer's dream!

Not only this, but Pinterest offers a wide range of benefits for increasing website or blog traffic, enhancing brand awareness and promoting products or services!

Below are 5 key reasons your small business should be using Pinterest:

1. You can promote your business, for free!

Pinterest allows you to promote your your goods or services, free of charge. Pinning images is a great way to advertise and when someone repins your image, a link to your website is displayed on the users’ board. One pin can very easily lead to 10 new pins, which leads to another ten pins and so on! Pinterest also makes it super easy for visitors to get straight to the source which means visitors are much more likely to convert into sales faster than any other social media source! In fact, 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest - the power of visuals ey!

2. It drives traffic to your website or blog

Pinterest offers a great opportunity for you to ‘pin’ visuals from your website which drives more traffic back to your website. This works the same way if you have a company blog. This is becoming an increasingly used technique by bloggers and is really effective in pumping up your page views! Just remember that the image is everything, so to really benefit from the power of pinterest, ensure you are using eye-catching images in your blog posts as this is what is going to convince the viewer to click.

3. It provides a great opportunity to brainstorm & share ideas in your team

Got a big project coming up? Deciding your social media content for the upcoming months? Pinterest allows you to designate boards to specific projects so all members of your team can come together, pin in any ideas or inspiration they have found. This will allow your team to come together, brain storm and share ideas and learn from each other to ultimately come up with the best possible idea.

4. It informs you on upcoming trends

Pinterest can give you a heads up of emerging trends in certain industries such as fashion, beauty, home and food. This will help your business plan ahead into improve its line or products or services to stay up to date with these trends and not fall behind competition.

5. It will help you discover what your audience loves

Once you’ve been pinning for a while, you can start to see what sort of content is doing well and what isn’t it. What are people liking and repinning? What sort of profiles are interacting with your pins? This will help you discover the sort of people that are interested in your products, which will help you tailor your content to them going forward!

If you’re still unsure how Pinterest can benefit your business or have any questions on how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch! - @lucyhitchcock_@sassydigital