How To Build Brand Awareness Using Social Media


Social media brings a lot of opportunities to businesses online. One huge benefit of social media that is quite often ignored is that it can really help to develop your brand awareness.

The problem is, because there are so many accounts across all the social networks, it can be difficult to build a strong brand and set yourself apart from others. But, if you are serious about upping your social media game and reaping all the benefits that social media has to offer businesses, brand consistency is key.

Below we’ve listed 6 top tips on how you can use your social media profiles to build strong brand awareness online:

1. Claim your name

First things first, you need to claim your company name across all social media platforms. Even if you don't plan on using a certain platform just yet, securing your name will ensure it’s there for you if you ever do decide to use it. If possible, aim to have all your handles across your platforms the same as this makes it much easier for your customers to discover you. In the situations where this isn’t possible, make the changes as small and memorable as you can. Whether its adding “uk” to the end or inserting an underscore, keep the handle short and sweet and any changes across platforms to a minimum.

2. Don’t Overlook Visual Branding

Your visuals are a huge part of your social media branding a play a very important role in building a strong brand image. Ensuring you are remaining consistent throughout all your social media profiles will ensure people immediately recognise who you are.

2 simple ways to do this are : 

  • Have your logo the same on every channel - Your profile photo is one of the only things people have to go off by before they click to view your whole profile so keeping it consistent throughout all of your channels is important. You want people to automatically associate your logo with your company.

  • Incorporate your brand colours into your channels - Incorporating your colour palette doesn't just stop at your logo. Regularly incorporating your brand colours into your social media posts will help you create a coherent feed which is not only nice to look at and will attract followers in itself, but will help people to associate these colours with your brand which is therefore building your brand awareness.

There are many more ways you can create a coherent feed which will help build your brand awareness across your social media channels. For more tips on improving the look of your Instagram feed, read our previous blog post here.

3. Don’t over edit

Another way to keep a coherent theme across your social media platforms is editing all of your photos in the same way. Over editing certain photos or adding different filters every time you post a photo will make your posts look messy and inconsistent.

4. Show off your personality  

What are your beliefs and values as a company? What is the culture of your company? How do you talk to your audience? Your brands personality and how you communicate to your audience should be displayed within your social media posts.

If you see yourself as a young, fun company targeting a younger demographic - show this! The way you speak and connect with your audience is very important to maintain a strong relationship with them and building a strong brand image. This could include using certain slang or popular phrases that are commonly used across your targeted demographic.

5. Be Consistent With Your Topics

Being consistent with the topics you post about is vital to build strong brand awareness. Choose a few topics that relate to your industry and stick to them. Chopping and changing your topics will confuse your audience, make it unclear who you are and what you do and most importantly damage your online brand image. If you stick to what you know, your account may become where people go to seek information about that certain topic - which will not only help you build a strong brand image online, but your following and engagement are likely to rise also. 

6. Post Regularly

If you are failing to post regularly across your social platforms, you run at risk of being forgotten. With the growing popularity of social networks, Irregular posting will mean you run a high risk of losing out to your competitors. Often inactive accounts can come across as either they are no longer in business or don’t care enough about their online presence - not a good look! 

If you're still confused on how you can incorporate your brand into your social media profiles effectively or you just need some guidance on social media or branding in general - We’re always here to help! Drop us a DM - @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital