5 Ways To Immediately Boost Your SEO Score


When it comes to SEO, most people solely focus on their keywords. Although these are important, there are various other factors worth considering if you are not getting the results you want.

We've listed 5 simple and easy ways you can immediately boost your SEO score:

1. Make The Most Out Of Your Images 

Although in most cases the main bulk of a website consists of text conveying information about the company, images play a very important role and shouldn't be neglected. People search Google Images daily which makes it a great opportunity to attract more people to your website. However to do to this effectively, you must have good rankings. Here’s two of our biggest Image SEO tips to boost your ranking:

  • Be wary of the size of your images: Having great quality photos are obviously an necessity, but this quite often means a large file size which in this case is not ideal. Google will rank images that take a long time to load low which means you need to consider resizing your images.

  • Change the file name: Changing your file names from something like this “IMG_6578.jpg” to “How to Improve Your SEO Ranking” makes the image much more searchable and therefore more likely to be found by potential visitors of your website - also improving your SEO ranking!

2. Update Your Content Regularly 

If you read our recent blog post on “How To Know When It’s Time To Redesign Your Website” you will know that we touched on the importance of having relevant, up to date content on your website.

Apart from annoying and discouraging your visitors, outdated content is no good for your SEO. If you haven’t updated your website in a long time, it may appear as abandoned. This means Google will assume it is inactive and will push your sites SEO score down.

You may have heard of the term ‘crawling’. This is the process of Google's robot or “spiders” discovering new and updated content to add to its Google index. For your website to be indexed by Google, it must be crawler friendly and the more frequently you update your content, the more frequently Google's spiders will visit your website and the better your SEO score will be!

In short, for good SEO regularly update your content!

3. Fix Broken Links 

Like outdated content, broken links on your website are not only a nuisance for your visitors but they signal to Google that your website is old, neglected or abandoned which can impact your SEO ranking. Again, one way Google ranks your website is by “crawling” it's links and if they are dead or broken, it will stop the spiders from crawling your site and therefore indexing it.

4. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Another point we mentioned in our post about the importance of your website design is having your website ‘mobile friendly’. This is because these days the majority of people search the web straight from their phones, so if your site isn’t mobile friendly, they will most likely click off and look elsewhere.

Google has started to penalise sites that are not mobile optimised by bumping down their search engine ranking - so if your website doesn’t look right on a mobile, it could be the reason for your low SEO score!

5. Share Your Social Profiles On Your Website 

First things first, if you don't have your social profiles linked to your website this is your first biggest mistake! Social media is a really powerful marketing tool and a great way to promote your website and bump up your SEO score while doing so!

If people like your website's content, they may want to share it across their social platforms - great for boosting awareness and sales but also amazing for your SEO score! The number of shares, retweets, pinterest pins and other social media mentions can really boost your SEO ranking. Having direct links or buttons to your social profiles just makes sharing your content that little bit easier meaning people will be much more likely to do it!

Still confused on how to improve your SEO ranking? We welcome any questions, get in touch! - @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital