IPhone Vs Camera - Which Is Better?


With Apple constantly improving their IPhones and their camera quality we want to discuss whether IPhone cameras compare to the quality of a traditional DSLR camera. This ultimately depends on what IPhone you have but with the recent release of the IPhone X, the DSLR definitely has some competition...But is at as good?

One of the most popular features of the new IPhone is ‘Portrait Mode’, a feature which mimics the ‘brokeh effect’/blurred background that is usually associated with DSLR cameras. The quality of the camera on the IPhone X is one of the main reasons for its huge popularity and after testing it, we can definitely say that it lives up to expectations!

The IPhone uses software to blur out what it perceives to be the background of an image. Because of this, the IPhone sometimes blurs out parts of the foreground or keep parts of the background in focus. This is especially with fine textures such as hair. We have compared two photos below - one taken with an IPhone X one with a DSLR Camera. 


As you can see, the first image (the IPhone X image) can appear quite blurry around the edges whereas the second image (DSLR image) shows the hair in much more detail. 

Another benefit to a DSLR camera is that you have the power of shooting RAW images. Shooting in RAW means you are capturing all the details of the image which means you can correct / alter the image later in editing. The IPhone shoots in JPEG which means the image information is compressed, lost and cannot be altered. This means when it comes to editing you can really improve the quality of images shot on DSLR rather than IPhone.

NOTE: You can shoot in raw on an IPhone with certain apps but it’s not quite the same as raw on a DSLR camera.

Despite the above, the IPhone does have the upper hand to the DSLR on certain factors. It's an amazing tool for situations where you don’t want to lug around your huge DSLR camera (and all the equipment that comes with it!) Having an amazing camera right at your fingertips like the IPhone X, is convenient and provides excellent quality nevertheless.

You can also download a whole range of apps that can improve the camera and enable you to edit your image/video effectively. The fact that you have your image to hand to post right away is also a huge benefit of using an IPhone - especially for posting to social media. There’s no need for laptops and USB cables to transfer your images before you can share it online. Everything is there, ready to go!

When it comes to price, you can get a high quality DSLR camera for about £400-£700 - (but they can range up to thousands!) However, with this you need to purchase lenses, cases and any other extras you feel you need to create amazing images such as lighting equipment. All together this does add up making the cost of a DSLR rather pricey. The iPhone X is currently retailing for around £1,000.. Which again, is rather pricey. However, taking into consideration that with the iPhone you are also getting a PHONE - something that all of us rely on, the iPhone does seem more cost effective.

But in the end it really comes down to what is more important to you - quality or convenience? Talking strictly quality, we'd definitely say the IPhone is still winning and Apple definitely have a little bit further to go before they can fully compete with the abilities of a DSLR camera. But, the quality of the IPhone X is mind blowing considering it's just a phone and it is a lot more convenient for those spontaneous moments!


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