How To Keep Your Blog Going


So you’ve started a blog.

Firstly, congratulations. It can take courage and a hell of a lot of time to work out how to set one up if it’s you’re first time.

Once you’ve set up a blog and you’ve started posting, it can be tricky to know how many posts you should do per week, and on top of that you’ve got to work out how to get all of your content creation done while you’re in full time employment. education or parenthood (and if you’re in neither of these then lucky you!)

Here’s our top tips to make sure your blog keeps going.

1. Keep yourself motivated 

Most people have an idea of what they want to write about before they start a blog. But if you’re not sure - our suggestion would be to write about something you love.

If you don’t love what you’re writing about, or you don’t love writing then you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Writing posts takes a lot of time and effort, so by writing about something you love then you’ll stay motivated!

Other ways to keep yourself motivated is booking into new restaurants if you’re a food blogger, treating yourself to a brand new lipstick that has just launched if you’re a beauty blogger, or if you’re writing a health blog book yourself into a new exercise class or spend a day cooking up new recipes and shooting them. Book these days into your diary like a meeting and then you know you can’t cancel them!

2. Keep a word document or notes page full of post ideas

Inevitably you will have days where you can’t think of anything to write. We like to keep shared documents full of blog post ideas. That way, when inspiration strikes at times when you don’t have time to write (and they often do!) then you can write it down and save the idea for later.

This brings us to our next point

3. Sit down and write several blog posts at once

Writing several posts at once means that you’ll have a back log of posts that you can schedule to post automatically. Which means your blog will be consistently updated.

4. Post on consistent days

A good goal to start with is to aim to post 3 times per week. Make sure you post on consistent days so that your readers know when to expect something new from you. F example we post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

5. Set up a marketing calendar

Posting around seasonal events will not only boost your SEO, they’ll give you something else to write about!

6. Don’t forget to promote!

Setting up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube page dedicated to your blog will allow you to find your audience and expose your blog to more people. This is also how PR will find you - meaning that after time you’ll start getting invited to events and hopefully some freebies. Of course, if you want your blog to be your career, building good relationships with PR from the beginning will mean when your blog is big enough you can ask for money in exchange for product placement!

Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or you’re considering starting a blog, it definitely takes time and effort. But if you put in the work you should begin to reap the benefits very quickly! Just keep posting!

Do you have any questions? Comment below! Or message me on Instagram @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital