4 Ways To Train Your Mind To Become Successful


Ever wonder how successful people got to where they are now? Sure maybe their intellect, experience and who they know all contribute to their success but one thing successful people all have in common, is a positive mindset. Nobody became successful by thinking negatively and not believing in what they are doing or themselves. If you have a goal, only you can reach it, and it’s quite likely that the only thing currently stopping you, is your mindset. Believe me when i say your mind is a very powerful tool and if you train it correctly, you will soon be on the path to success! To help you, we’ve listed 4 key things that will help train your mind to become successful:

1. Engage in mental Visualisation

Visualisation is a mental technique that uses your imagination to make your dreams and goals become a reality. Using the power of your mind, you visualise a certain event or situation occurring how you wish it to, and by doing so you attract it into your life. You need to really picture yourself in the situation. Picture yourself living in your dream house with your dream career and you will subconsciously make it happen. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that visualisation alone will get you where you want to be in life, it also takes a lot of hard work and determination. But, focusing on your goals and really picturing them happening is a really good place to start.

2. Be Flexible

Although the key to success is to really believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals, it's also important to remain realistic and flexible. You might not reach your goals as soon as you hoped, or something might get in the way that means you may have to switch up your plan a little - but don’t let this put you off. Having the ability to adjust when need be and determination to carry on is crucial to success, as unfortunately in life, not everything is going to go to plan and everything worth having, isn't easy! So keep going, work with what you have and you never know it might lead you down a better path with better opportunities!

3. Engage in positive self talk

To be successful, it's really important to be mindful of how you speak to yourself. Often we are our own worst enemy, and you will be surprised how comments and thoughts you make/have towards yourself affect your confidence and ability to do something. So, encourage and compliment yourself, talk about your abilities positively and NEVER say “i can’t”. Telling yourself you can, and saying these words out loud will actually trick your mind into believing this is true. Back when i first started university, i was petrified, as a lot of people are, of presenting and public speaking. However, my Dad had always taught me about the power of the mind and that if you believe you can, you will. So i took the opportunity of starting university, where nobody knew me, to tell myself and my peers - that i don’t mind presenting, and i’m actually quite good at it. I made a conscious effort to show absolutely no sign that i was nervous and told myself i was a good presenter. The presentation ended up being a walk in the park, and i now truly don't mind presenting at all. The message here? Fake it till you make it!

4. Be open to risk taking

Risks are necessary for success. Nothing worth having will come easy, and although they can be daunting, sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, and do it. Stuck in a job you hate? Feel you are destined for bigger and better things? Unless you take that first step to leave, it’ll never happen. It may be tough, you may struggle to pay your bills for a while, but if it’s what you want, it will all be worth it and with a positive mind and self belief you will eventually get where you want to be. Trust me!

So, if you’re currently unhappy with your current position or have a dream for the future that you just don’t think you are capable of achieving, don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes to make it a reality. Remember that with a positive mind and hard work anything is possible, only you can shape your future!

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