5 Things You Need On Your Office Desk NOW!


If you work from an office, you’ll most probably spend the vast majority of your day behind your desk. In order to create a productive and creative workspace, desk clutter is a big no! However, keeping your desk stylish while still organised and practical can be quite the challenge, but fear not! We’re here to provide you with our top 5 essentials that will transform your office desk and boost your productivity!


1. Water bottle (with a straw!)

This may sound like an obvious one, but ensuring you are getting enough water a day is key to good productivity and concentration. If you find yourself not drinking enough water, believe me when i say investing in a water bottle with a built in straw, like this one from asos, will change your life! Although it sounds absurd and extremely lazy, drinking from a straw saves the effort of unscrewing the bottle picking it up, tipping it back, screwing the lid back on - you'd be surprised how big a difference this makes to your water intake! A built in straw means its there for you whenever you need it, no effort needed! There is actually some anecdotal research that suggests that a simple addition of a straw can subconsciously make us more inclined to drink more. Trust me on this one - It’s a game changer!  


2) Framed quotes

Feel like you’re in need of a little motivation? Research some inspirational quotes, pop it in a frame and hang over your desk! Not only does this look super cute and add a really chic look to your workspace, but it's perfect for giving you that little extra push to get things done. You can either make your own or buy pre made ones - there are tons to choose from, like this one from Etsy.


3) Notepad

Sometimes you just need to a pen and paper to note things down. If you are anything like me, often my mind runs wild with ideas and thoughts while i’m in the middle or trying to focus on something else. Having a notepad next to me allows me to simply jot down anything on my mind, so i can forget about it, focus on what i’m doing and come back to it later. Its also great for jotting down your daily to do list or anything you need to remember! Look for one that fits your overall theme of your office or desk so although its full of scribbles it still looks nice and pretty on the outside! We love the ones from Paperchase! 


4) Pen pot

This one is perfect for giving you an organised space to store all your pens right on top of your desk so they're easy to get to but also don’t look messy! Again, invest in one that fits the theme of your desk and will look pretty sat on your desktop (remember the aim is to create a clean, organised workspace to boost productivity and creativity). You can find these small little pots in loads of stores but if you are struggling to find a nice one at a reasonable price, a useful hack is to buy a small plant pot like this one from Ikea. Nobody would ever know!


5) Plant or succulent

As well as looking lovely, incorporating plants into your work space is proven to increase productivity and creativity, improve your mood and help in reducing stress. Whether it’s a small pot of flowers or a little succulent adding a touch of green to your desk will decorate your desk while creating a much nicer space for you to work. You can grab small plants and succulents from your local supermarket or florist! 

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