How To Remain Focussed At Work During The Festive Period


No matter what time of year it is, its very easy to become distracted and lose focus at work - it happens to the best of us! But remaining focussed at work can be particularly challenging at this time of year. With the excitement / chaos of Christmas, it is very easy to us to become distracted and complacent before your Christmas break actually begins. Whether it’s the pure excitement of Christmas, your huge to do list or you’re simply just tired, below are 5 tips to help you stay focused at work when you really need to get things done!

1. Don’t skip breakfast!

Its likely you've heard the saying ‘‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - and it’s true! There are numerous studies which support the idea that healthy breakfast in every morning is crucial to maintain your energy levels and improve your concentration. This makes skipping breakfast before work a big no no! However, filling up on a heavy, unhealthy breakfast will have the opposite effect and leave you feeling sluggish, drowsy and less productive! To really sharpen your focus, aim to consume a healthy breakfast of around 350-500 calories. A slow releasing breakfast like porridge oats will keep your energy levels up until lunch time and leave you feeling fuller for longer!

2. Organise your workspace

A cluttered work space makes for a cluttered mind! Piles of paperwork and unneeded items on your desk can be extremely distracting. Tidy up your desk, store everything away and only leave the necessities on your desk - in a neat pile. It may also be handy to clear out your laptop - rather than spending hours rummaging through your unorganised documents, create folders and delete anything you don’t need so you can quickly find what you need, which will allow you to stay focused on the task in hand. Taking as little as 5 minutes out of your day every day will allow you to keep on top of your tidy workspace so you can really focus on what's important!

3. Stay away from your phone

For most of us, our phones are our biggest distraction and you are much less likely to look at your phone if it is out of sight. Putting your phone in a draw and setting yourself a time limit or an amount of work you need to complete before you can check your phone is a great way to avoid distraction. For those who need their phone to complete their work; turn off any social media notifications you don’t need to see, delete any distracting apps such as games or news apps and mute any chats you don’t need to read. If you have some cash to spare an even better option is to invest in a ‘work phone’ which you use for work only, and only look at your personal phone on your breaks. All of the above will help to remove any temptation to check your phone when you need to get things done.

4. Give yourself a break

Studies have shown that our brains can lose focus and stop absorbing information after just 45 minutes. This means working hours and hours on end will do nothing for your productivity. Allowing yourself to take small breaks throughout the day - even if it’s just making a cup of tea or reading a short blog post, will give your mind a that well needed boost. Taking regular breaks to briefly switch off from work will prevent you from being overwhelmed with ideas or thoughts, which will allow you to remain more focussed throughout the day!

5. Less coffee more water!

You may think that drinking coffee throughout the day will help you to stay focussed and productive at work - Wrong! Although coffee can equip you with a short term energy fix, too much coffee can actually tire you out, lead to insomnia and cause you to lose focus at work. Try replacing your coffee with water to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Ensuring you are drinking the recommended daily amount of water will help you focus, concentrate and be more alert at work. For more information on the damaging effects of coffee read out blog post on ‘Why You Need To Stop Drinking Coffee At Work’ 

Do you have any tips to remain focussed at work? Let us know in the comments! 

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