How To Know When It’s Time For A New Job


We’ve all experienced a job we don’t like - some make the change to find a job they love, some stick with the job they hate. Having a job you enjoy will not only bring you happiness but will make you much more likely to become successful. After all, you spend most of your waking life at work, so why would you spend all that time doing something you hate?

It’s never too late for a career change and here are 5 ways to know when it’s time for you to find yourself a new job:   

1. You dread going to work

While it is totally normal to dread the sound of your alarm clock going off at the crack of dawn, if you deeply dread going into work every day, it’s not a good sign. Severely dreading the next working day is going to negatively affect your mood and attitude, not only at work but at home. If this sense of dread worsens, it can lead to various health issues such as work-related stress.

2. You're unhappy most of the time

Can you remember the last time you felt happy at work? If you can’t, this is the most obvious sign that it is time for a change. Every job has its ups and downs but it is important that you do enjoy most aspects of your job. Think about what makes you happy, what you enjoy and what you believe your purpose in life is, and base your career around this! A job that is making you unhappy is not what you are destined for.

3. You don’t feel your job role requires any of your skills or talents.

We all need fulfilment in our lives and showcasing our skills and talents is one way which really allows us to feel that personal sense of achievement. If your job role is based around skills or traits that you don’t possess, it’s not for you. Typically, we tend to be better at the things we enjoy doing, so having a job that requires you to do something you actually enjoy will not only allow you to grow your skills, but be better at your job and become more successful!

4. You really dislike your colleagues/boss

Nobody likes going somewhere where you know you’re going to bump into that one person you really don’t want to see. It’s like anything, if someone you don’t like is going to be somewhere, you’ll avoid it. So what’s different with your job? Realistically you won’t get on with everyone in life but if there are people around you every day that are dampening your mood and effecting you daily, it’s not worth it. Surrounding yourself with positive people is the best way for you to become the best possible version of yourself.

5. You feel you have more potential/are made for better things

If you have a gut feeling that your current job isn’t it for you, or that you are destined for bigger and better things, it’s time to hand in your notice! If something needs to change, only you can take the first steps to make it happen. Even if you’re worried or lacking a bit of self confidence, making the first leap will take you that one step closer to be happy in a job that you love so just go for it! Remember that in life we have to take small risks for big rewards, and taking the first leap to get the job you love is one of those things. With a positive mind and attitude anything is possible!

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