Why You Need To Stop Drinking Coffee At Work


It’s very common in the workplace to reach for a coffee every time you need an energy boost. After all, caffeine supposedly effects our alertness and energy levels which makes us more productive, right?...Wrong! Although coffee in moderation can have some benefits, excessive amounts could potentially be damaging your career, here’s why:

1. It can cause Insomnia

Coffee has a half life of approximately 6 hours which means having a coffee in the evening is no way to get a good night sleep. Your body will stay awake far longer than usual, causing you to be tired the next morning, which will then make you to want another coffee! This is when you start to get yourself into a sleepless cycle! Drinking coffee in the day will only encourage insomnia and soon, you’ll be sleep deprived. If you get yourself into this state, not even caffeine will enable you to snap out of your sleepiness. Your productivity will take a massive hit which could have a huge negative effect on your career!

2. It can make you skip breakfast

Some people often have the mindset that to save time in the morning, they will skip breakfast and grab a coffee instead. This is a big mistake! Although coffee is good for waking us up in the morning, these effects are short term and often we think we have more energy from our cup of coffee than we actually do. Without the nutrients and calories from breakfast, your energy levels will actually be a lot lower than you think. This may result in you unconsciously losing focus at work which in turn will also have a negative impact on your productivity. 

3. It can cause dehydration

The caffeine in Coffee has a diuretic effect (A diuretic is a substance that causes your body to produce urine, and it has been suggested caffeine can do this because it increases blood flow through the kidneys). This means, if you are drinking mostly coffee all day, it is likely you will become dehydrated. Instead, opt for a herbal tea - there are many caffeine free options to choose from so you can still enjoy a hot drink at work, you just won’t be dehydrated! Nevertheless, It is still crucial to ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day alongside your hot drinks - the recommended amount is around 2 litres per day.

4. It can increase your stress levels

Drinking lots of coffee will release a hormone called cortisol - the hormone we release when we are stressed. Cortisol increases your body’s heart rate, blood pressure and tension levels so if you are looking for stress relief, lowering cortisol helps. However, Cortisol is in fact necessary for us to function and the amount released from caffeine is mild so it shouldn’t negatively affect you unless you consume an excessive amount of coffee.

5. It’s taking your money!

Finally, funding a coffee addiction is likely to be costing you a small fortune without you even realising! Earning money is big part of why we go to work in the first place. So, blowing a huge chunk of your wage on unnecessary items such as coffee seems to defeat the main function of your job. Research has shown that the average Brit is spending over £2000 a year in local coffee shops. Ludicrous, right? Quitting or at least cutting down your coffee intake could potentially save you thousands, so you can spend your hard earned cash on more rewarding, necessary items!

Do you have any healthy alternatives to coffee? Make sure to comment below, we'd love to hear them! 

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