A Guide To Improving The Look Of Your Instagram Feed


With the rise of online influencers, our Instagram accounts are being bombarded daily with beautifully composed feeds - putting ours to shame! The good news here? Creating a well put together, visually pleasing feed is easier than you think! Following these simple tips will allow you to create your perfect feed and visitors of your page won’t be able to resist pressing that follow button!

1. Look at your feed as a whole

To create a visually pleasing, consistent feed, you need to view your Instagram as a whole rather than focusing on each individual photo. When posting, think about how the photo is going to look against the others on your feed. If your feed is minimalistic with pale, pastel colours, a dark photo is going to look out of place and ruin the whole aesthetic of your feed. Two amazing apps to make this a lot easier are MOSAICO and Planoly. They allow you to log in and view your current Instagram page, place potential photos on the grid and move them until you are happy with it. This is very useful if you’re unsure whether a photo will look good alongside another and allows you to see your feed as a whole before it is actually published.

2. Follow a theme

You will notice that all the best Instagram accounts have a consistent theme and all their photos fit together visually. An easy way to create a theme is by picking one colour palette and sticking to it. A trick that many influencers practice Is using the same Instagram filter for all their posts. This is a super easy way to make all your photos look similar.

A great app for this is VSCO, it has all the key editing tools you will need and a range of filters to choose from to make your feed POP! However if you’re going for a vibrant, colourful feed don’t be afraid to change your general colour palette every now and again. Some bloggers alter the overall colour of their feed as they transition into the different seasons. In Summer it’s blue, Autumn is mainly oranges, Winter reds etc. As long as you don’t chop and change often, this can be really effective and keeps your feed current!

3. Edit your photos

Besides using a consistent filter, editing your photos makes a big difference to the look of a photo. It will allow you to change the lighting, contrast, warmth, saturation etc of photos that don’t match your feed. It’s also useful in editing out any distracting details or mismatched colours. A pop of the wrong colour can ruin your whole feed, so an easy alternative to not posting the photo at all, is to change the colour - problem solved.  

Purchasing the extended versions of editing apps really will be worth it when trying to re vamp your feed. FaceTune, VSCO and Photoshop express are a few good examples but have a play around with a few and see which ones work for you. Quite often, the best Instagram accounts use more than one app to edit the same photo.

4. Space out your photos

By spacing out your photos, your feed will look a lot more balanced. Having 5 really busy photos next to one another is not nice to look at. It is a lot easier for the human eye to look at a photo clearly when it’s not amongst other cluttered images. So, be thoughtful, if you post a really busy photo the next photo should be more minimalistic to create an even balance.

Applying these 4 simple tips will help to boost your Instagram game and you’ll soon have a beautiful, expert-looking feed. Experimenting with different apps will allow you to improve the look of every photo but remember that you don’t have to post every photo you take, if it doesn’t match your feed, don’t post it.

Got any questions? Make sure you DM me! @lucyhitchcock_ @sassydigital