How To Get Your Dream Job Even If You Have No Experience


At some point in your life, it's likely that you haven’t been fully satisfied with your job. The harsh reality is that more than 50% of workers are unhappy in their current job role, but have no intent of moving because they don’t believe they have the skills or experience to fulfil another role. Although it is valuable, it is not the end of the world if you don’t have years of experience under your belt. Having the right attitude and a willingness to learn goes a long way.

Here are some useful tips on how to land your dream job, even if you have no experience.

1. Have a good attitude  

Walking into an interview with a negative attitude and no self belief is a big no-no. Employers automatically pick up on this and chances are you won’t get the job. Smile, be confident in yourself, show interest in the company and think positive! Someone with all the qualifications and experience in the world but a negative attitude is a lot less appealing than someone with a positive can-do attitude but little experience. Employers want people that are upbeat, keen to learn and will get along with their coworkers and clients. If the interviewer asks if you have any experience with a certain software or task which you know nothing about, admit to your lack of knowledge but express your interest and willingness to learn. Turn any negatives into positives!

2. Get relevant work experience  

There’s no doubt that having relevant work experience is a huge bonus to employers. Before applying to your dream job, research what work experience would put you at an advantage to other candidates. Internships and volunteer positions are great ways to get hand on experience, research local companies and ask if there are any work opportunities. This will be attractive to your employer and enable you to gain an insight into their job role which will help you provide detailed examples on why you are the best person for job. Who knows, you might even make some useful connections who could help with your job search!

3. Learn relevant skills

Spend some time researching skills or traits that might be necessary to land you the job, you may find you already possess some of these. If you consider yourself a creative person and the role you are applying for requires a creative mind, show your creativity! There is a huge difference between saying "I’m creative" and proving you're creative. Give examples, explain relevant hobbies, express any creative skills you already have etc. If you don’t already have the relevant skills, learn them!

There are countless free courses and tutorials available online, use them to your advantage and get clued up on as much as you can. For example, if the job role requires you to use Photoshop, learn how to use it - even if it’s just the basics. Doing this will show you are serious, determined and committed.

4. Sell yourself

You might not have years of experience, but what do you have that will make you a valuable employee? Showcase all your relevant skills and experience to prove you are the ideal candidate. Computer skills? Photography skills? If they’re relevant, mention them! Any soft skills such as patience and friendliness are also worth mentioning - these are desirable to employers as they are hard to teach. Remember to explain and give examples, the employer wants to know your skills but will struggle to believe them unless you prove it so this isn’t the time to be modest. Although interviews can be daunting and you may be nervous, this is your only chance to sell yourself and it is important to be confident in your own abilities. Believe in yourself! If you don’t, why would they?

The key point to take away from this is that you don’t have to be experienced in everything to land your dream job. A determined, positive, can-do attitude is desirable to employers and it is never too late to make a change and pursue your passion. After all - you only live once! Take time to better yourself by learning relevant skills and gaining work experience, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the right attitude!