The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

A business like Sassy Digital survives on other businesses outsourcing to us, however, we’re also big believers of outsourcing work here, to others.

There are many reasons why outsourcing can benefit your business - such as not having all the necessary software, skills or knowledge in house. By outsourcing services such as digital marketing, design, HR, sales and IT you know that you’re getting a team of experts without having to pay for each individual person on a payroll - a costly task that many small businesses can’t afford.

Today we’re talking about marketing and why it will benefit your business if you outsource. While you focus on the core strengths of your business, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that a team of experts are taking care of all areas of your marketing, areas that perhaps you don’t know much about or don’t have time to invest in.

Here’s five reasons to outsource digital marketing to make your business grow.


1. Annual leave and staff problems won’t affect your business

Having staff in house means you’re bound by the possibility of sick leave, holiday and staff problems which could cause certain areas to suffer as a result. Freelancers, consultants and agencies rely on the income from businesses outsourcing to them, which means even if they’re away or sick they will carry on regardless.


2. You get the services of a team of experts

Do you find that marketing and social media falls to the bottom of your to-do list when you’re busy? Your employees have salaries, so instead of coming up with a salary for one person, by outsourcing to someone else, you’re paying a team of experts who will research, create and implement a solid plan or strategy to improve the areas you’re struggling with. Granted, you might be able to pay someone a salary to do the same job, however in most cases it’s better to have a whole team of experts with years of experience in every possible area such as emails, social-ads, content, websites, copywriting etc.


3. You can’t do everything

We’re only human and as humans we like to think we can do everything, but the simple fact is this: we all have strength and weaknesses. By outsourcing the work at the bottom of your to do list, you’re making sure every possible part of your business is covered and thriving while you can keep calm and carry on with the things you’re good at. Each person is a master of their trade, so you shouldn’t expect a hairdresser to possess the skills of a digital marketeer too. In the same way that a digital marketeer wouldn’t have the knowledge to cut hair.


4. You get an outside opinion on your business

Nobody knows your business better than you - you work on it day in day out. However there’s always something that’s lagging. For example, there might be something that’s stopping your customers picking up a bottle of your fruit flavoured waters - like the packaging. This might be blurry to see if it’s your business, especially if you like the packaging. Here, having a design or packaging expert giving their outside perspective might change the way you look at it.


5. You get to do more than one person would have time to do

When you outsource digital marketing, you may think you can handle doing your own social media but you’ve got to remember that there are other areas of digital marketing that you might not have time do to like marketing emails, managing your website, blogging etc. When you outsource your digital marketing, you’re getting all of these services done on a regular basis so you never miss an opportunity.

It can be a daunting task finding the right person to outsource things to, so if you’re looking to outsource your digital marketing or social media, and have any questions about what it might entail - I’d love to answer any questions - no string attached of course. I know how difficult it can be to navigate a minefield of freelancers and agencies, the main question people ask is “How do I know it’s the right decision?” Well, just remember outsourcing needs to work for you and benefit your business so why not ask for a 1-3 month trial and then evaluate the success and ROI?


Please feel free to get in touch and ask me any questions - DM on Instagram @lucyhitchcock_ or email