How To Conquer The Thoughts That Keep You Up At Night

Last night I was up at 12am, not usually a time of day I get to see on a school night. The reason for my insomnia? I was worrying about work.

This hasn't happened to me since I worked at an agency in London. I would wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly recall something I had subconsciously forgotten to do. 

I wouldn't describe myself as a stressful person, and even though you might think 'this is happening because you're stressed' I genuinely feel fairly laid back otherwise.

The perils of running a business mean that you might remember things at obscure times of the day, or your mind decides to start running with ideas at in appropriate times - leaving you feeling wired and unable to sleep.

Here we have a classic example of your body trying to send you a message - and not the one your mind is thinking of. Maybe it's time for a career change, or it's a sign you're trying to fit too much work in, or maybe you need a holiday!

So how do we silence these thoughts, or get them to subside? A good night's sleep is essential for anyone - even more so if you need to be alert and organised!


1. Keep a note book by your bed

When you're in bed and your mind is running, pick up a notebook and write down what's bothering you. There's nothing that can't wait until the morning.


2. Wake up an hour earlier

Waking up an hour earlier means you'll have time to tackle whatever it is you're thinking or worrying about.


3. Write a to do list

The reason we sometimes worry is because we may have forgotten to do something. If you're a top culprit for jumping between tasks - this one is for you. Whenever a task comes in that you need to do, write it down straight away, even if it's sitting in your inbox. Microsoft OneNote is the best tool to write to do lists. You can jazz them up by marking certain things important, or tag them with different icons. Whatever you choose to make your to do list, just make sure everything gets ticked off in priority of importance!


4. Give yourself structure

Being strict with yourself is they key to making thoughts that keep you up at night subside. If you give your week a structure right at the beginning then you're already setting yourself up to succeed. Eat your frogs at the beginning of the week, and by that I mean do the worst tasks on your to do list first, then you won't have anything to worry about any more.


5. Regular exercise

Haven't exercise recently? If the gym isn't your thing try going for a long, brisk walk during the day or something unusual like Rock Climbing. The theory here is to tire your body out so that by the time you get to bed you're out as soon as you hit the pillow.


6. All of the above failed?

Soothe your mind using sleep inducing products - and we're not talking sleeping pills. Try using a relaxation bath soak with Lavender (We love Cowshed's Knackered Cow), drink a sleepy tea (Pukka Night Time is the best!), and then use a pillow spray (Like This Works) or relaxing moisturiser. We heard that Lush's Sleepy Moisturiser is being hailed by insomniacs! Just the ticket for those crazy thoughts...

How do you quieten your mind during times when you find it difficult to sleep?