How to Make More Money Now

No matter what industry you're in or what stage at your career you're at, it's always nice to make more money. During our twenties, it's a constant struggle with money. Rent, bills, and general life mean payday can't come soon enough. Want to make more money now? Here are some tips to get that money in the bank.

1. Don't ask don't get

Simply put - if you don't ask for more money, you won't get it. Especially if you work for someone. Speak to your manager and let them know you're willing to do what it takes, and make some achievable goals with them to help you get there.

If you're bossing it and doing your own thing, offering clients or customers extra products or services can be a great way of making more money. Don't be afraid to ask - as long as you have a good relationship with them it should be easy!

2. Aim high

Whether you're a career girl, or you run your own business - when it comes to pay, aim high. The higher you aim with pay, the higher you'll be negotiating with.

Clients or your boss rarely settle with the original price you give them, but the higher you go in, the more money you're likely to get.

3. Know your worth

You're awesome, clever and great at your job. Know your worth and justify it.

Whether you're asking for a pay rise, or letting clients know why you charge what you do - they'll want to know why you're worth the extra money. Write down a list of reasons, or examples of how you've come up with your costs, or if you're going for a pay rise write down how you've progressed and tasks you've done that justify the extra money.

4. Multiple income streams

The easiest way to make more money is through multiple income streams. Do you have a talent for sewing clothes, arts and crafts or baking? If it's a hobby that you can make money from by setting up a market stall or online store go and capitalise on it! Who knows, it may even lead you there full time...

5. Just do it.

If you can't stop thinking about it, just do it. It might be scary or require a lot of effort to make more money - especially if you're starting your own business. If you really want to make more money you have to put in the effort and go through with the plan you've made to get there until you do.

In the long run, it will be worth it.