The Best YouTube Meditations for Stress

When you're feeling stressed, it can feel like the weight of the world is on top of you - especially when you run your own business. Worries float around your mind like "Will I be able to pay my staff this month?" and "I need to keep on top of my accounts", and your workload can feel overwhelming. Running a business has it's ups and downs - one moment you'll be on top of the world, but the next it can all come crashing down.

One interesting way lots of people have been dealing with stress recently is meditation. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, but as wellness becomes ever more popular - so has meditation.

The Headspace app became extremely popular, very quickly and was one of the first outlets that drew our attention to meditation. If Headspace isn't for you, there are so many amazing ones you can find right here on the internet for free! The best part? They're not very long so you could even do them from your desk.

Here are our 3 best YouTube meditations for stress.


1. Madeleine Shaw - De-Stress Meditation

Madeleine has such a soothing voice, and in this 10 minute video she shares how she likes to de-stress using meditation.


2. Yoga With Adriene - Meditation for Anxiety

Anxiety can come hand in hand with stress for some, and this meditation will help to slowly let go of whatever is troubling you. We love Adriene's voice in this soothing meditation so it's definitely one to do before bed time.


3. Rebekah Borucki - Meditation for Stress, Anxiety and Worry

The best thing about this meditation is that it's quick so you can fit it into every day life. She also shares her tips for meditating if you're new to the idea. 


If you're feeling worried, anxious or overwhelmed, remember it's always best to get it out in the open and talk to someone about it. Take some time off for half an hour to go for a walk and clear your head. The best way to deal with problems at work that are causing you stress is to make an action plan to solve the problem. Offer yourself (or whoever is causing you stress) a few solutions to move forward.

What meditations do you like to listen to?