3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Facebook Following

There's lots of different social media accounts to think about for businesses these days, and with Instagram and Snapchat becoming more and more popular, is Facebook all it's cracked up to be?

Well, if you're selling a product or service then we would argue that Facebook will continue to be a useful part of your social media strategy. 

But how do you increase your following? It's certainly not as simple to get a few more followers as it is on Instagram.

Set yourself a goal each week and at the end of the week review when you got the most followers. Have a look at what you posted on the day you gained the most followers in your insights to give you an idea of what content is working to boost your following.

There are three simple ways to get more Facebook Followers and we're going to share them with you.


1. Collaborations

Collaborations is one of the easiest way to boost your following for free. Can you get someone in the same industry to shout you out? There are easier ways to do this than other but one of my favourite ways if you don’t know many people in the industry is to send them your product or simply reach out to them. If you network and get your name out there, it will be less awkward suggesting it. Make sure that you pick companies of a same size to you otherwise the answer is likely to be no.

But what if they have the same number of followers as you? The great thing is you probably don’t have the same followers, which means that if you’re in the same industry their followers may be interested in your company/services.

Make sure you always shout out another company in return, or you could even suggest doing a competition together, or swap blog posts with each other.


2. Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is also a very easy way to boost your following - the only downside being that it costs money. Unfortunately businesses have now been penalised by Facebook so that if you want more people to see your content - you've gotta pay for the privilege. Clever from Facebook, but also a great way to reach new people and drive brand awareness.

If you want to set up a campaign to boost page likes, all you need to do is visit your business page, scroll down and on the left hand side of the page it will give you the option to promote your page. Make sure you spend time choosing the best audience. If you’re a small local business, make sure you target customers within a certain mile radius of your office or shop front.


3. Videos

Videos are very likely to go viral on Facebook so make sure when you’re creating your content that videos are getting involved.

We’ve been making some awesome recipe videos for one of our clients and the impressions have gone through the roof.

If you’re trying to work out what might be the most compelling video content to produce, think about what shows off your product the most in a way that is the most interesting to your target market.

If you've got any questions about how we can help you grow your Facebook following at Sassy Digital, we would love to hear from you. Click the button below to get in touch.