5 Healthy Airplane Snacks for Business and Pleasure

You’ve got your suitcase packed, closed and weighed. Your taxi to the airport has been booked and your passport is at the ready. It sounds like you’ve got everything ticked off your list, right? 

Well, most savvy travellers - whether they're going away for business or pleasure should make sure to take a selection of snacks to the airport. If you don't then you will be left with a novelty giant Tobelerone, or the unhealthy variety of snacks on the menu of a plane. For long haul business flights especially, you'll want to give your body the nutrients it will crave during a 9 hour flight. The cabin air is very drying, and long flights, different time zones and jet lag can leave you feeling run down.

Here are five healthy yet indulgent snacks you can take away with you on business travel - or maybe even just your holiday!

1. Nothing But Fruit and Veg crisps

These clever little snacks are freeze dried fruit or vegetable crisps. Unlike the others of it’s kind they don’t fry or bake them, they simply freeze dry to make them crunchy. The apple and fig, and the strawberry and banana flavours are awesome when you need a sweet treat. The other plus is that the packets they come in are really thin, so they'll slip into your bag so easily.


2. 100% Natural Raw Chocolate Brownie

This nutritious yet indulgent bar is made using dates, raw cacao and nuts so it will give you plenty of energy, satisfy your sweet tooth and stop those craving. Raw cacao is bursting with magnesium so it also helps your muscles to relax, which can never be a bad thing – long or short haul!


3. Positivitea Connect Tea

You can’t take liquids on a plane but who said anything about tea bags? If you struggle wth nerves when flying, opt for a more natural relaxer such as a herbal tea. Positivitea’s connect tea contains chamomile, honeybush and lavender with valerian which is associated with the brain, nervous system and universal conciousness. Just ask for hot water on the plane and pop in your teabag. 


4. Ombar Chocolate

The best raw chocolate you’ll find. It’s made with raw cacao, coconut milk and coconut sugar. Because it is refined sugar free, it’s low GI and won’t spike your blood sugar levels. It’s also really rich which makes it the perfect indulgence without having to eat much!


5. Pip and Nut Coconut Almond Butter Sachet

1 word: Genius. Bravo to whoever thought of putting almond butter in a sachet. If you’re feeling like something to munch on, you basically can suck it out of the packet like a frube (remember those?!) You do have to work for it by squeezing it out of a little tear in the corner but it’s the perfect plane-movie snack!


So there you have it, 5 amazing and healthy travel snacks. If you want to avoid plane food altogether, a superfood salad from Pret before you get on the plane will be just the ticket!