Where to work from if you're freelance in London

So, you're a freelancer.

The benefits of going freelance or starting your own business are that you have more time on your hands, you're the controller of your own diary and you only have to answer to yourself!

But what happens if you don't have a home office or you simply cannot motivate yourself from home? Renting a hot desk in a co-working environment can be an expensive commitment that not everyone can justify or afford to begin with.

Well, if you're anything like the rest of us, you'll soon work out that rolling out of bed, downstairs to your table and/or sofa can soon become a tiring and un-motivational work space. 

They say you shouldn't work where you sleep, otherwise you'll never turn off. Fear not! There's lots of places in London (and I'm sure wherever you live) that you can turn up, buy a coffee and some lunch, and plug in for the rest of the day.

Here is a definitive guide of some great places to work in London if you're freelance with free WIFI (and the food and coffee is pretty good too!)

1. The Hoxton, Holborn

 Image Credit: Hubbard and Bell

I used to spend hours at The Hoxton. Breakfast is definitely worth rocking up for, the WIFI is quick, and the coffee delicious. There's so many freelancers and creatives who will work from here all day, so it's great for people watching, networking and it's a buzzy environment.

Just be aware that you can get "suits" in here a.k.a city business people. If that's not your vibe, try one of these...

Just don't forget your laptop/phone charger at the end of the day... (we've all been there!)


2. The Detox Kitchen

 Image Credit: Cubex

A slightly healthier spot, but good nonetheless. The reason I like the Detox Kitchen is that it gets busy at breakfast and lunch time, but otherwise it's quiet and chilled. Definitely somewhere to pitch up if you've got a deadline approaching.


3. Ethos

 Image credit: Jarrett Furniture

Ethos is a vegetarian eatery just behind Oxford St. tube. It's very picturesque, with trees dotted throughout the restaurant and marble tables. The seats are really comfortable and you can pick from a vast menu of cold and hot buffet dishes (don't be put off by the word buffet!)

The WIFI is good, and the staff are friendly. The snacks are also seriously good- try their vegan cakes.


4. Barber and Parlour

 Image credit: Time Out London

Owned by Soho House, this all singing all dancing cafe is also home to an Electric Cinema, Josh Wood hair salon, a Cheeky nail salon, and Neville's Barber shop.

There are plenty of spaces to sit, and come lunch time it will be buzzing with people from Shoreditch based businesses, freelancers and anything in between. Suits are a no-go here, and everyone oozes cool with a very Shoreditch sense of style. It's a great place to have avocado on toast, coffee, and an epic lunch and you'll find lots of like minded creatives working away on their laptops too.


With all of the above cafes, remember you can't just sit here for the day without buying anything. Make sure you buy coffee, lunch and snacks throughout the day to justify your existence.