I work for myself...should I have to work over bank holidays?

If you're your own boss, you'll often find yourself working long hours, putting in time over the weekend and never really switching off. The question you'll constantly debate when the first bank holiday of the year comes around is 'should I have to work over bank holidays?'

Do you work 7 days a week and often work into the evening? Do you feel tired, your brain feel unorganised and your body completely drained? And do you never have the time to go to the gym or do the things you once loved? Does any of this this sound familiar? 

Isn't working for yourself to give yourself a better life, to live the lifestyle you want?

Burning the candle at both ends gets you into a tricky spiral and you might even get sick as a way of your body telling you to take a deep breath.

Finding that work life balance when you work for yourself can be difficult because work never leaves your mind when you leave the office.

Here are some reasons why you should put your out of office on over bank holidays and how to do it.

1. Take a breath, take a break

Thinking about work constantly can be very stressful indeed. The best way to take your mind off work is to remove yourself from your everyday environment. Plan a weekend break, hire a holiday let by the sea, go and stay in the Cotswolds or even plan a European city break! 

When you leave your home, where you're so used to thinking about work, you'll instantly feel less stressed and the new environment will take your mind off of it.


2. Leave your phone at home

If you haven't read our post on how to spend less time on your phone - do it now.

Over the weekends or bank holidays, leave your phone at home or if you desperately need it then take it with you but turn it off. The temptation to look at your phone and look at what is going on in your inbox or social media will make you feel stressed. What are the odds that you're going to be sent something super urgent on a bank holiday? Very slim chance....and even if people get in contact over a weekend or bank holiday most of the time they won't expect you to reply until it's a working day.


3. You deserve this - treat yourself!

You work really hard. You deserve to take some time off!

Close down your computer, plan something fun to do like a long beach walk, or go-karting, or doing Go-Ape...or maybe your thing is day time drinking!? Find some cool bars in London, or enrol yourself in a cookery class for the afternoon with friends. There's so many amazing fun activities you can do to treat yourself.

Maybe even go all out and go shopping!

For all the hard work you put in, you have to make sure you reward yourself. Otherwise what's the point in being independent and making money for yourself?


4. Nurture your friendship and spend time with family

The most important part of taking time off is spending time with your friends and family. They will be your biggest support system when you work for yourself, and taking the time to talk to them, see what's going on in their lives and offering them support, advice and good times is something you'll never regret.

Not only are they a support system, they'll take your mind off work! One thing many workaholics regret is not spending enough time being with their friends. 

There's no right or wrong answer to working on bank holidays, and actually it can work to your benefit because no-one else will be working which means it's a good time to catch up on work while your inbox is quiet.

Whether you like working during the bank holidays or not, you should do whatever feels right for you. Make sure you take a break every now and again - your health will be much better for it!