How to Take Better Pictures For Social Media

Whether you're a brand, a blogger, or you simply want to learn how to take better pictures for social media for personal use, here's our guide to becoming a better amateur photographer!


1. Invest in a camera with WIFI

Generally speaking, phone cameras are pretty great. If you're serious about getting the clearest and highest quality pictures you'll want to invest in a mini SLR that has WIFI so you can connect it with your phone and transfer across without the need for a laptop of cables.


2. Use editing apps

Taking a picture is just the first step to posting better social media snaps. Find your favourite editing apps to add filters, and adjust the photo settings. VSCO cam is brilliant for this, if you're looking for scheduling apps, read our post on the best ones here


3. Take more than one picture

Taking more than one picture will ensure there is at least one good one in a big bunch. Yes, your camera roll will have millions of one picture but it's definitely worth it when you get that money shot. This is what your camera roll will look like if you're doing it right...


4. Always use good lighting

Always take pictures in areas with lots of natural daylight. The best time of day to take pictures is in the morning or evening light. Middle of the day lighting could be too bright (when the sun is as it's strongest) and overexpose the image (where the lightest part of the image turns true white).

Blogger and picture perfect Instagrammer Natalie Glaze says this is one of her top tips, "I would say good lighting. Natural, bright light always makes a clearer, better picture."


5. Get the perfect set up

Whether you're promoting products in a shop, products online, your services, or even just snapping a picture of your breakfast - make sure you've got one main point of focus. It's been proven on social media that pictures with one point of focus receive more engagement.

Once you've got a main point of focus, frame the image with accessories. e.g. If you're snapping a plate of food, layout the cutlery nicely, get your coffee cup in there, and add in something unrelated like your sunglasses or a camera. See...picture perfect!


6. Get your angles straight

My top tip is to make sure you've got your angles straight. There's nothing I dislike more than a wonky picture. You can always edit it after to get it completely straight, but Make sure the ground line is straight if it's a portrait you're shooting, or if it's a flat lay or overhead shot, make sure the point of focus is straight, then you'll know how to lay the other objects out to compliment it.


7. Don't cut out body parts

If you're taking a portrait (like a fashion blogger), make sure you don't cut out feet, hands or the top of your head. Get your full beautiful self in the picture, and instruct whoever's taking it to make sure you're in full shot. This rule generally goes for everything unless of course you're trying to get certain details e.g. the jewellery on your hand.

If you've got any more top tips make sure you comment them below!