How to get rid of Sunday Dread

Sunday comes around and the feat of Monday looms over us like a dark cloud. Here are some tips on how to get rid of Sunday dread, with some added ideas on learning to love and make the most of your Monday.


1. Learn to love your job

If you love what you do, what is there to dread? There are a few simple ways you can learn to love your job, or just change careers to do what you love. There's a whole post here on how to boost your career and confidence in the workplace.


2. Book in an activity on a Monday evening

We can all learn something by doing the things we love. If you've got something fun to do on a Monday evening, you'll definitely look forward to that and it will get you through your Monday. How about trying something new like going trampolining or playing badminton with friends. You could also go bowling, head to the cinema, or even have dinner with your best friend! 


3. Drink less

It's a fact that alcohol brings down your mood - it's a depressant. If you've had a heavy weekend then it's likely you'll feel lethargic and not want to go back to work on Monday - even if you like what you do. The worst thing to do is drink during the week. We often make excuses like "I've had a hard day at work" or "I need it" when actually you've got used to the feeling that alcohol will solve your problems. 

Alcohol makes my head feel fuzzy and I always feel anxious about having to work the next day. Try and drink less, at the weekend and during the week. Find things to do instead of cracking open a bottle of wine. Find other means of making yourself feel better like reading a book, having a bath or painting your nails.


4. Listen to a motivational podcast

I spend a lot of time on the road and on trains. Instead of listening to music I've got into podcasts. My favourites are Man Repeller, Emma Gannon's Ctrl, Alt, Delete - but there are plenty out there for every single purpose! It doesn't even have to be something that will give you hints and tips, it could be David Beckham's Desert Island Disk. Anything to make you feel motivated, empowered or at ease with your Monday is a winner.


5. Workout before work on Monday

Before you scroll past this one, hear me out...

If you can get up and out of bed before work for a workout make sure you do. They say that you always regret the workout you didn't do. "Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy" - Elle Woods, 2001. You'll be so buzzing from your workout you'll feel super happy all day (plus - we all love to gloat about working out to our colleagues or friends so you'll feel proud of yourself for doing it on a Monday!)

If you can't get to the gym, why not skip the tube, or get off a few stops early and walk? When I was working in London I always used to walk from Waterloo to both jobs - 40 mins to Oxford Circus and 20 mins to London Bridge. It cleared my head and got my blood pumping. It will save you some dolla too!

If you work from home or for yourself, why not go for a 30 minute walk before you sit down at your desk?


6. Have a big breakfast

Did someone say food? Not eating breakfast can not only make your blood sugar fall super low by 10am (which is why you get the munchies and reach for the cake) but it doesn't set you up very well for the day. Get into a routine and get up earlier to pack in a nutritious and filling breakfast. Value food over your sleep - it's the fuel that keeps us going! On a Sunday, find a quick recipe to make the next morning and make sure you've got all of the ingredients (I love Madeleine Shaw's quick breakfast recipes)