How to be more productive when you're feeling unmotivated

If you work for yourself, you're the controller of your own diary. We all have weeks when we're not feeling on top of our game which can make it difficult to motivate yourself to work. Maybe you've got other things on your mind, a foggy head, or day I say...stressed?!

When we're feeling like this it's difficult to get a lot done, and we often find that hours pass and the answer to 'what have I achieved in the last hour?' is met by silence.

The work piles up, but you're simply not feeling motivated enough to do it.

Here are five things you can do when you're having a bad week to be more productive when you're feeling unmotivated.


1. Set your alarm for 7am

The earlier you wake up, the more you'll get done. When you're feeling unmotivated it can be really easy to hit snooze. However, once you have a productive morning it can really boost your confidence in yourself that you can get things done, and it also boosts your mood! A good mood and productivity can lead to more productivity and heightened motivation!

Set your alarm, don't hit snooze, don't spend 30 mins scrolling social media. Get up & at 'em!


2. Take a break 

If you're not being very productive, you might just need a break. When you've got something else on your mind that needs doing like life admin, or walking the dog, or going to the post office - it's often better to get these chores out of the way before you sit down to work.

If you don't have anything on your mind and you're simply just not feeling motivated - set yourself a task to do one hours solid work - no breaks, no distractions - then after that treat yourself by taking a break for 15-20 mins.


3. Get a routine going

Doing weekly tasks at a set time each week is good practice and it will get you into a good routine. If you know that you've got to catch up with your accounts on a Wednesday afternoon every week, make sure it's scheduled in your diary like a meeting and then you know you can't miss it.

This could even include outside of work stuff like going to the gym at the same time each day, or booking into the same spin class each week. Having regular activities at the same time each week will keep your head in the game, and your life more organised.


4. Work out what your motivation is

For a lot of us, motivation is money. If you don't get the work done, the likelihood is you won't make money. I'm not talking about making your millions, I'm talking about making a living. Making as much money as you need to feel comfortable and happy. This amount is different for everyone and so is the end goal.

For example, my motivation is to to pay my rent, feed my dog and be able to treat myself whenever I want. If I don't work then I can't do any of these things. 

Constantly remind yourself of that and you should be one step closer to feeling more motivated!


5. Head outside

The best thing to do to clear your head and get ideas is heading to the great outdoors. Fresh air can do wonders to reset and clear your mind and you'll return to your desk feeling rested and more motivated to crack on with your day.

What do you like to do when you're feeling unmotivated to boost your productivity? Comment below...