How to plan a holiday using Social Media

Ever wondered how bloggers get those Insta-worthy shots on holiday? 

There's always cult Instagram locations, no matter where you're going in the world e.g. Sprinkles cupcake ATMs in New York, the Rice Fields of Ubud in Bali, the canals of Amsterdam, foodie hotspots in Miami, or the iconic Es Vedra in Ibiza.

But how exactly do you plan the holiday of your dreams and visit these incredible places? How did other people find them, and how can you?

Well...the answer is that it's relatively simple with a little help from social media.

37% of internet users turn to social networks to research brands or products, so why not do the same to plan a holiday? Here's our simple guide for how to plan a holiday using Social Media.


1. Get inspiration from bloggers

Find bloggers who have been to your desired location and look at their blog posts and Instagram.

This doesn't mean looking at just one blog. This means searching through lots of different blogs: food, fashion and travel. 

Compile a list of food places, hikes, viewpoints and beaches based on the recommendations of bloggers. You'll quickly have an idea of which areas are best to stay, what restaurants are the most Instagrammable, and what activities there are to do in the area.

 Instagram: @natalieglaze photo by @sassydigital


2. Search for 'places' on Instagram

Looking for a specific place? Find out the name of the location and then search for it on Instagram, clicking on the 'places' tab. You'll get a feed of pictures that have been taken in that location. You'll be able to decide whether it's worth a visit, and it may even give you an idea or two for some cheeky Insta-pics of your own!

Give it a go now! Search for Es Vedra, Ibiza.

 Instagram: @lucyhitchcock_

 Instagrammable and delicious plates at Cecconi's Miami. Try the Burrata and Steak Tartare.

3. Look for restaurants and hotel social media accounts

Make sure you check out the social media accounts for any foodie hotspots or accommodation.

This is a really good tool for deciding what to order at a restaurant, and it will also show you what hotels have to offer. Make sure you look at their main feed, and also check out their tagged pictures or guest posts on Facebook. Depending on whether they post or not, it will be able to help you decide whether to go or not and what kind of food and services they offer before you even get there!

3. Check trip advisor or Facebook business pages for restaurants and hotels

Did you know that social recommendations are behind more than one quarter of all purchases made?

Although you have to take Trip Advisor with a pinch of salt, it can actually be a very useful tool for checking out which restaurants and hotels are worth the money, and which ones aren't.

Looking at reviews on Facebook for certain businesses is also a brilliant way of seeing what previous visitors have to say.

 Cobblers Cove Hotel Barbados is picture perfect

Have you ever used social media to plan your holiday? If not, give it a try - comment below and let me know how it goes!

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