Top 3 Instagrammable Breakfasts in Bali

When you're on holiday, it's always imperative to post pictures of pretty much everything you do to make everyone who follows you jealous - the sunsets, the bikini snaps and all the food!

Bali has a brunch culture to make even daily breakfasters jealous so here are our top 3 Instagrammable picks - whether you're heading there soon or you just need something to feast your eyes on!

1. Sisterfields

Sisterfields is probably the most popular brunch spot in Seminyak, and one look at the menu will tell you why. From classics like avocado on toast, all the way to unusual dishes like beef brisket (yes - beef for breakfast!) and Aussie favourite Acai bowl - there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Inspired by Aussie food and drink, Sisterfields does one hell of an iced latte with their homemade almond milk from sister company Expat roasters (which is conveniently housed next door).

What to order for the Instagram dream:

Drink: Young thai coconut, matcha latte, almond milk latte.

Eat: Acai bowl, Fried eggs with hummus, zucchini and olive tapenade, Avo on toast (duh!)


2. Cafe Organic

For picture perfect smoothie bowls, and one hell of a hangover breakfast - it has to be Cafe Organic. The white marble interior, laden with cacti and palms makes Cafe Organic the insta-dream.

Their menu is bursting with smoothies, and the food menu is to die for. 

Drink: Iced Latte with coconut milk

Eat: The Breakfast Criminal, The Afrika smoothie bowl


3. Crate

Crate is one of Bali's hidden gems, and the queue is big but trust us it's worth it. It's the only one on this list that doesn't have air con as it's completely open. In fact it almost looks like a derelict building except for the fact it's bustling with people fighting for tables.

It's hot, but boy is it worth it. The smoothie bowls here are photogenic and tasty in equal quantities. The menu is SO good that you'll find it difficult to decide and you'll probably hold up the queue because it's only written on the wall above the barista.

The coffee is good here, but their selection of dairy free milks is not.

Eat: Sourdough with smashed peas, spinach and poached eggs.

Drink: any of the fresh juices