How I started a successful business from my bedroom (and how you can too!)

Many of us sit at our full time job in the city dreaming of starting our own business or working for ourself.

"How can I make more money?" Is often a question we ask.

I had no clue what I wanted to do in life. I just knew I was good at writing and hoped that would lead me somewhere.

I had a somewhat turbulent start to my career: I was made redundant from my first ever job out of uni, and then I landed a job that was mis-sold to me as something that would include social media management, and it was a hostile work environment (like many of us know!)


Enough was a enough and I knew that wherever I was, I wouldn't be happy if I was working or being managed by someone else. Through a friend I got my dream part time job that combined my love of food, health and social media with a healthy food blogger - come - author in London. It was flexible working so I went from spending my days in a blinding lights office to my bedroom within a week and built my client base from word of mouth.

It took me nearly 2 years to become self sufficient with my clients at Sassy Digital, and I now work wherever and whenever I want. 

Want to work like me? Here are my tips to how I started a successful business from my bedroom and how you can do it too!


1. Plan ahead

Planning will be a big part of making your business work. I'm sure no entrepreneur has gone into a business blind, with no idea of destination or cause. There are two main things you'll need to plan for.

Plan for success

Planning for success means setting yourself up for success. With the first week of going it solo, I'd set up Sassy Digital as a LTD company, made an appointment at the bank to get a business account, and reserved all of my social media handles. 

This might sound like something from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, but acting like you're already successful will make you ooze those vibes of success, and success will come.

Set dates for your goals, e.g. I will be full time working for myself in a year. and stick to them.

Plan for failure

I'm not talking about catastrophic failure (although there is always that risk), but more failure to reach your goals. When I first started Sassy Digital I was working part time. I said I would always aim to go full time Sassy Digital within a year, but when I reached a year I had failed to set up my website and start marketing myself so it didn't feel right and I wasn't ready.

Although this might seem like a failure, it set me up to get my ass in gear and start the things I needed to do to go full time. Once I had, within a year I was ready!


2. Work with Motivation and Determination

Ask yourself this: What is my motivation?

Motivating yourself will make you determined to reach your destination

Let's discount the word "money" for one moment, because that's a bit of a cop out answer - everyone who runs a business is motivated by money otherwise, why start? I'm asking you to ask yourself more about your personal goals, a goal that will make you happy personally.

Keeping number 1 (i.e. you) happy will make sure you do run a successful business. For example, my motivation has always been handbags.

Materialistic? Maybe...but every single handbag I've ever bought with my own money symbolises a certain moment or turning point in my life. Now when I look at my bags I think about the hard work or pain I had to endure to deserve it and that's what motivates me.

The first ever handbag I bought with money I had earned, a Mulberry Bayswater in the most gorgeous nude brown leather was hours and hours of free work I did at an internship with Henley Royal Regatta. During those 5am starts all I would think was "Do this, and a handbag will be waiting for you at the finish line."

My Louis Vuitton Neverfull: symbolises a job which I really hated

My Givenchy Antigona: A trophy when I got made redundant from said job

It doesn't have to be something materialistic but it does have to be something of a constant reminder to help you reach your goals. Of course things that also motivate me are being able to take care of my dog, spending time with my family, having a roof over my head - but these kind of motivations aren't something I constantly go back to in my head in times of stress.

So...what's your motivation?


3. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Once you go full time into your own business, you might find that you don't have any colleagues to bounce off anymore. Life can get lonely at times, which means surrounding yourself with people who can help or give you an honest opinion will be your saviour.

I was lucky enough when I started Sassy Digital that I had a huge support network surrounding me. I know lots of people who have successful businesses, which meant that when I had a question or I found myself stuck for answers I could always ask for help.

I am always hungry to know more about the administration side of how to run a successful business so I make sure I ask lots of questions. The worst situation you can be in is feeling like you're on your own and can't find a solution. Ask people for help, and if that doesn't work you can always resort to Google.


4. Take baby steps

Success doesn't happen overnight and when you're starting your own business, it's the small wins that will excite and motivate you. Some days you'll feel like every time you take a step forward you're taking two steps back. Just remember in the long run everything you do now will count to a successful and long running business in the future. 


5. Find your niche

Look at what other's are doing and work out how you can do it different or better! There are lots of free templates out there to write a business plan, which will help you find a gap in the market.

Sassy Digital's niche is helping small businesses find their voice online - those who often need it the most!


6. Work whenever you have to

Don't expect to quit your day job and for things to take off overnight. You'll end up working evenings and weekends if you have to. The trick is, if you're going to make your new business successful, you won't mind these long hours!


Have you started your own business? What tips do you have, and what did you wish you knew before you started? Or maybe you're just starting your business and have some knowledge to impart, either way please Comment below!