Tips for Working From Home

I quit my full time job nearly 2 years ago now to set up Sassy Digital, and despite missing the buzz of an office, there's nothing quite like telling people that you work from home.

After a couple of weeks of working from home, the novelty of sitting on your sofa with your laptop will get boring, you'll begin to get back pain from not sitting at a proper ergonomic chair and if you'll probably have started talking to yourself already.

As a year round seasoned home worker, here are my top tips for a productive time working from home.


1. Set up an office space

Get a desk or using your dining room table, mimic an office space at home. I get far more done when I'm sitting at a table compared to the sofa. You'll thank yourself for it when you look back at what you've achieved in a day.


2. Get a buddy

Worried about being lonely? Invite a friend over that also works from home. I love having someone else in the house to bounce my ideas off. I was lucky enough to work from home with my mum for the first year, who is my book keeper and a fountain of knowledge for me because she ran our family business so she'll often be able to help me with admin questions.

I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago and he also runs his own business so we often have days where we're work buddies. I find it's the best creative environment and other people often give you ideas you'd never even thought of.

Support others who work from home and you'll reap the benefits too.


3. Take a break

Taking your lunch break is the most important part of any working day. Just because you're at home, make sure you take some time away from your desk for a breather, give yourself some time to think, move into a different environment - and definitely don't watch mind numbing TV. You won't get off the sofa for the rest of the afternoon - trust me.


4. Prepare your food as if you would for a normal work day

Ok so I'll admit I don't do this everyday, but if you've got something readily prepared for lunch, you won't waste time preparing food or thinking about the fridge looming only a room away. When it comes to lunch you'll be able to spend an hour doing something practical like going for a walk or running personal errands. 


5. Don't work from bed

Bed is a place for rest, a place for sleep. Do not by any means work from your bed. You'll find that you won't be able to sleep at night if you associate your bedroom with work. Not to mention it's a pretty slobby practice. Which leads me nicely onto my next point...


6. Get dressed everyday

Working in PJ's are for slobs. You are a motivated, independent, successful individual, and what do motivated, independent, successful individuals do? They don't dress like a slob for one. They are not lazy, and neither are you.

Wake up, and get dressed as you would for work- for me this means jeans and a jumper but if a suit floats your boat then by all means go for it. Making myself look presentable makes me feel good, and it makes me work better. Try it and see what I mean.


7. Set an alarm and wake the hell up

Just because you work from home doesn't mean you can lie in. Seize the day and set an alarm at a normal working week time. 7am should be fine. Think about all the time you're saving on commuting to work, you're only a couple of steps away from your desk now. Take this time to get out of the house, go for a walk, or go to the gym! Wake yourself up and get ready for a productive working day.

I hope you learn from my mistakes and take on board some of my tips. If you work from home, what are you top tips for a productive day? Comment below...