How You Should Be Using Social Media for a Successful 2017

I'm always hearing "I don't have many followers", "why are my posts not reaching the right people?", "how can I use social media to improve business?"

It might take a while to reach your digital goals, but making a plan is the first step to a successful business to consumer relationship online.

Here are our top tips for 2017 social media success:

1. Post Daily

Be forever in the minds of your followers, reminding them why to buy into your products, services and YOU.

2. Put Your Money Where Your Post Is

You might have noticed your reach on Twitter and Facebook dropping off in the last couple of months. That's because said social media sites are pushing businesses to spend money on reaching the right people. More money on marketing I hear you say? Well, once you get over the initial shock of spending more to boost your posts, it will present some clear advantages for your business.


3. Inspire Customers To Create

"User Generated Content" - A phrase that's been floating around for a while now, and if you've been reading up on Marketing, then it probably sounds familiar. In short, it means getting customers or followers to create content for you by taking pictures, tagging you and leaving reviews on your Facebook page.

Why is User Generated content so important? Well, a recent study showed the one quarter of purchases made are influenced by social recommendation - YES that many! So you want to get your customers posting as much as you possibly can.

Tip: Try creating a competition, offering a discount, or simply asking your customers to tag you/leave a review in your content!


4. Get Your Employees To Recommend You

Your Employees are your biggest advocates. Whether you run a hair salon, a cleaning company or a gym - encouraging your employees to post on social media about your products and services can prove a big advantage for business. If you can't get your customers posting, your employees are the next best thing.

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