How to Build Your Brand Online and Generate Business: The Workbook & 30 minute 1-2-1 brand consultancy

How to Build Your Brand Online and Generate Business: The Workbook & 30 minute 1-2-1 brand consultancy


Are you ready to transform your online marketing and build a brand that truly speaks from the heart? Then our branding workbook is for you.

  • In addition to the workbook, you’ll receive a 30 minute 1-2-1 phone consultancy session with Lucy

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In this 22-page booklet, we’ll be taking you through one of our signature branding and digital marketing consultancy sessions. It’s our mission at Sassy Digital to help small businesses grow by giving them the creative ideas and skills they need to make their online marketing thrive. But we understand the one thing that can stop a small business from getting where they want to be is their budget.

So we decided to create a consultancy session that is accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes, and so “How to Build Your Creative Brand Online and Generate Business: The Workbook” was born!

To make the most out of the workbook, you’ll also get a 45 minute 1-2-1 phone consultancy session with Lucy to help you personally with struggles and problems you are having with your businesses’ marketing.

In this workbook we’ll be revealing the strategies and methods that we live by at Sassy Digital with our clients day to day - strategies that we’ve spent years trialling, testing and perfecting.

There’s several activities for you to complete and you’ll also find our top tips and plenty of incredibly useful information that you can implement into your branding and marketing strategy immediately.

On completion of the booklet, your business will not only look cohesive and on brand across the board, but you’ll be able to generate more business online as a result of the lessons you learn.


Because you’ll want to know what you’re signing up for….

There’s two sections to the workbook:

  1. Branding

  2. Digital Marketing

In the branding section you’ll learn:

  • Who your brand is now

  • What you could be in the future

  • How your brand sounds, looks and feels

  • Where to place your branding so that your customers can engage with it

In the Digital Marketing section, we’ll focus on:

  • Which social media channels are best for your business

  • What makes a good social media profile, and how to improve yours

  • How to find inspiration for social media posts

  • How to write compelling captions that sell

  • What is email marketing and why you should get on board ASAP

  • How to build your mailing list

  • Some ideas to get your newsletters started

  • How to take amazing pictures for social media on your phone


I don’t run my own business, can I still buy the workbook?

Of course! The workbook is for everyone no matter if you’re working in a marketing team, or you’re doing your own thing. You may even be considering starting a business but have no idea how to position and market yourself - in which case, congratulations! By the end of the book you’ll be ready to market your business online (and offline if you wish) as soon as you’re ready to begin trading!

Why is The Workbook a hard copy, not a PDF e-book?

Another great question. Well, quite simply - we feel that by having our gorgeous A5 printed workbook in your hands, you’ll put more value into the activities we’re getting you to do. We’ve all bought online courses and e-books that never see the light of day purely because they’ve been sitting in a file somewhere on our computer waiting to be printed. Sometimes we don’t feel obliged to fill them out even though we’ve spent our hard earned money on them. Our Little Pink Book will sit on your desk begging you to complete the activities. Once you’re finished, you’ll then have the book to refer back to, and be a constant reminder of how you’re branding and marketing your business online.

The price is a little expensive for me, why is The Workbook worth my investment?

The value of The Workbook is cumulative of our year’s of industry experience. It’s also a fraction of the price of one of our consultancy sessions with exactly the same material. So it’s kind of a no-brainer. That said, the other reason it’s £49.95 is because we believe that you will put more value into working on the success of the lessons you learn within, and we hope this means you’ll want to (not to mention enjoy) filling it out! If you want to generate more business as a direct result of your online marketing efforts then The Workbook will pay for itself. (Plus it’s a hard copy and will look super Sassy on your desk!)

If you’ve got any more questions on the workbook please email Lucy, we would be delighted to help you -